Mainline Menswear: On The Start Line

Written by Bronwen | 02/02/2020

The New Year is here and if you’re anything like us you’re feeling a little guilty about the Christmas treats. It’s time to start fresh for this new decade. At Mainline Menswear we’re here to join you with your new aims, resolutions, work outs and expectations.

A man stretching on a park bench wearing a blue nike shirt, sporty shorts in black and colourful nike trainers.

On The Start Line is a collection of our favourite active and lounge wear to get you through each day. From morning runs, to sleek office outfits to lounging at home on a chilly night in. We’ve meticulously handpicked only the best in order to keep you looking great no matter how active your days.

A man is lounging on a couch wearing a grey Ralph Lauren hoodie and black joggers.

Shop the latest in activewear fashion today, from EA7, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and many more.


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