Style Icon: Chris Evans

Written by Bronwen | 11/09/2020

From Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four to Captain America, Chris Evans is the style hero we all deserve. It takes a rare man to make not only a suit look good but also spandex, which is why Chris Evans is the latest celebrity to earn the Mainline Menswear’s style icon rank – a proud moment for him we’re sure.

Chris Evans In Blue Suit

[Image: Instagram]

The Casual Looks

Though he looks anything but casual in the blue and white stripes, Chris Evans has mastered the casual look and has a fantastic off-duty wardrobe. Exhibit A. below, the t-shirt, jeans and bomber jacket combo are all simple choices, but matched together look flawless.

Chris Evans Bomber Jacket

[Image: Instagram]

Another casual outfit Chris Evans rocks is the knitted jumper. Simple, elegant, classic. Notice how he never goes for loud colours? He’s a man that doesn’t need help from his clothes to stand out, and the simple look goes a long way when you wear it with confidence.  You can get this look too with black jeans and a grey jumper from Hugo Boss.

Chris Evans Grey Jumper

[Image: Instagram]

The Suit

When he’s not going for the relaxed and comfortably dishevelled look, Chris can really pull off a blue suit. I mean, if you can pull off stars and striped spandex, a blue suit really shouldn’t be a problem.

Blue is one of the most popular suit colours this season,  this look is smart and easy to match. If you want this look, we think you’ll love this Hugo Boss suit. Complete your Chris Evans look with these sunglasses from Emporio Armani and a striped blue tie.

Chris Evans Designer Sunglasses

[Image: Instagram]

If you want to make your Chris Evans look really authentic, then we suggest carrying a Captain America shield wherever you go – Mainline Menswear are not responsible for any odd looks you may or may not get.

It’s safe to say, Chris Evans nails the All-American look, whether he’s casually out in jumpers and sneakers, or rocking the red carpet in a blue suit with sunglasses.

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