Style Icon – Rami Malek

Written by Bronwen | 02/03/2020

Rami Malek is going to be our newest Bond villain, but (and more importantly if you ask me) he is also Mainline’s newest style icon. An honour we’re sure he’s ecstatic about.

Somewhat new to the A-list scene Rami has mastered the art of statement outfits that don’t take over. Smart blazers, shirts and shoes are matched flawlessly with casual accessories, trousers and tees. Here we’ll go through some of our favourite outfits from the Bohemian Rhapsody star.

Simple Shirts

I’m starting us off very simple seem as things get weird later on (trust me) with this white shirt. Look at Rami. He is literally just wearing a plain, cotton, short-sleeved white shirt. And it looks great! This is an easy look we can all pull off no problem. Simply pair with grey trousers, dark jeans or chinos to complete the look. Simple.

Rami Malek is smiling at the camera wearing a white, short-sleeved shirt.

[Image: Instagram]

Crisp Suits

The next fashion advice we can take from Rami is sharp suits that say goodbye to the traditional colours. No more black and blues. This pink suit helps Rami stand out for all the right reasons. If you’d like to incorporate a bit of pink into your wardrobe we explain how to here.

Rami Malek is sat on a stool wearing a pastel pink suit and a shirt.

[Image: Instagram]

80s Fashion

Next up are some much welcomed 80s influences. Rami has upgraded his casual wear by swapping the jeans and tees for high wasted chinos and a printed shirt. This is the perfect way to make a statement, seem as the trousers are plain you can really go overboard with your shirt with a throwback to the best decade.

Rami Malek is stood with a hand on his neck wearing beige trousers and an 80s print shirt

[Image: Instagram]

Cuban Collars

Our final outfit is another tailored suit – Rami is definitely a fan of them. What we like about this one is the way he’s added a playful twist with a floral Cuban collar shirt. Cuban collars are great for smart parties or first dates. Iy you want to go for this look then try to channel your inner Rami Malek and don’t be afraid to try a print like pastel florals.

Rami Malek is wearing a blue suit with a cuban collar shirt, holding some sunglasses.

[Image: Instagram]


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