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Written by Bronwen | 14/02/2020


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Former Hollywood rebel turned international super-hero extraordinaire, Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) has abandoned his tragic fashion sense of the past to become a creative, unique and all-round style icon in 2019.

Robert Downey Jr. is recognised for his somewhat unpredictable style. Now we are well aware that turning up to a film premiere in Munich wearing a traditional German lederhosen outfit is probably not the most acceptable approach, but somehow, he seems to get away with it.

Having spent so much time in an iron suit that shoots rockets and helps him fly, it would be quite hard to find a more fun way of dressing off-screen, but RDJ finds adjustments to his outfits that keep his outfits formal yet playful.

Tinted Sunglasses

Well known for his chunky framed, coloured tinted glasses and often seen wearing a relaxed look beanie, RDJ is the king of accessories and implements them perfectly to give his outfits that cutting edge. RDJ’s tinted glasses feature in most of his outfits, from casual to formal wear. Tinted sunglasses provide that extra colour pop to his outfits, they draw you straight to his face – all eyes are on him.

Alright, you might not be one of the top paid actors on the globe but that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part? RDJ perfects the casual look, a connoisseur of tinted-sunglasses, graphic T-shirts, beanies, and trainers. Tinted sunglasses are a great twist for your accessories; we think more people should take the daring plunge and pull this look off.

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Robert Downey Jr. wearing tinted sunglasses on a plane

[Photo: Instagram]

Classic White Shirts

Whilst RDJ has been spotted ditching the shirt altogether and opting for a T-shirt and blazer combo at formal events, he does recognise that sometimes you do need to dress smartly. And when Downey Jr. does go formal he keeps things classic with the white shirt.

The white shirt is perfect for any formal occasion, simple yet clean looking and offers you the chance to not over-do it. Combine the white shirt with some new tinted sunglasses and you’ve got yourself a classic RDJ outfit that will have you standing out with minimal effort.

Robert Downey Jr. wearing a white shirt and white waistcoat

[Photo: Instagram]

Last Notes

When you’ve earned a reputation through the 80s and 90s for having a trashy dress sense in the media, you’re running pretty hard against the wind; so for RDJ to be recognised now as a well-dressed style icon is pretty special.

Maybe some of RDJ’s outfit choices are a bit much for many, he plays with formal wear, introducing trainers and other casual items to make his outfits less serious – but in doing so he always looks great. Our advice is, if you love his style and want to in any way replicate it- you’ve got to go bold, mixing formal with casual wear and perfecting that athleisure look.

There we have it- Robert Downey Jr., Easter egg hunt legend and a definite style icon.

Robert Downey Jr. wearing a Easter bunny costume

[Photo: Instagram]


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