The Best Summer Shoes For Men

Written by Bronwen | 14/09/2020

The heat is weirdly back on, and with summer making a late comeback, your old chukka boots need to say goodbye for a few more weeks until autumn. Finding shoes to wear for high temperature can be more complicated than you’d think, with even trainers feeling like too much when the heat really kicks in.

Here’s our reworked summer shoe guide for men to help you pick your footwear for all occasions, from workdays to weekends on the beach.

White Trainers

Okay, so you’re going to insist on wearing trainers. That’s fine. But when it’s getting sunny, we would recommend some plain white trainers instead of those darker silhouettes that are your usual faves.

A pair of underrated, smart white trainers will be your new go-to this year. Able to match with everything but keep up the summer vibes, simple is more when it comes to these sneakers. Just remember to invest in a Crep Protect cleaning set to keep them sparkling white.

a pair of

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes or loafers are by far the easiest slip on and go footwear available to you. They’re breathable, comfortable and available in a wide range of colours and styles, meaning you can mix and match for the occasion.

Match your boat shoes/loafers with lightweight tailoring, such as chino shorts, and try to stay away from polo shirts if you want to avoid that frat boy vibe.

A brown pair of GH Bass Loafers

Driver Shoes

You no longer need a luxury car to wear driver shoes. Originally made for that extra grip in your Italian Ferrari, your typical, non-Ferrari owning man can now also enjoy the comfort of these classic silhouettes.

The rules of driving shoes are simple. Skip the socks (or at least wear the kind we can’t see) and flash those ankles, you also need to wear casual slim-lined trousers/jeans as these shoes are firmly casualwear even if they do look smart. Cuban collars and short sleeved shirts will also match perfectly here.

Driver shoes already look pretty bold, so we recommend you take things further and go for fanciful colours with your shoes to really show them off. Think dark reds, bright blues and even a few quirky patterns.


Flip Flops

You thought we weren’t going to mention flip flops, didn’t you? Whilst not suitable for any semi-smart related occasion, sandals/flip flops are the shoes for warmer weather. There is nothing airier than a pair of flip flops, and they will be your best friends over the weekend. The only issue we have here is that flip flops can break easily, and that’s the last thing you want when your out and about. What we recommend is you get a comfy pair, preferably made with genuine leather. A reliable pair of Birkenstocks are high quality with a thicker sole, meaning they’ll last and be comfier to walk in too.

A sandal alternative is also a nice pair of sliders. Less likely to snap compared to flip flops, sliders are still a summer must-have for your feet.

a pair of black Hugo Boss sliders


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