What To Wear When You’re Working From Home

Written by Bronwen | 10/06/2020


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What to wear on a lockdown? The question you didn’t really ask but the one we’re going to answer. It’s time to become the personification of a mullet, business on top, party at back. The world is facing troubled times at the moment, and we’re all in this together. So, to try and brighten things for a moment, we’re going to help you nail your working at home outfits with some of our top choices.

Outfit One: Blorts (Blazer + Shorts)

It’s 9:30am. You have a skype meeting with your boss. You need to look like the professional employee they doubt you are. Like every news anchor out there, its time to look super professional on top. Shirt, tie, blazer, pick your very best. On the bottom? Who cares! The one benefit of working at home is that you DON’T have to wear pants, no matter what society says. But just in case you get cramp halfway through the meeting and have to stand up, we suggest wearing some comfy shorts.

Freeing, colourful, comfortable. They’re the perfect addition to your office wear this season, and the kind of advice I never thought I’d be telling you. For a luxury comfort kinda vibe I’d recommend a pair of cotton shorts from Ralph Lauren. Or, if you prefer a hillbilly going for an interview kind of look, then Levis denim shorts are the shorts for you. Either way, be sure to complete your outfit with a pair of sandals for the ultimate home office get up.

[Image: NailBuzz.com]

Outfit Two: Shoggers (Shirt + Joggers)

Okay so maybe you don’t want to look completely ridiculous, even if you’re working at home. That’s fine, I get it. If you feel like you’re at work, you’ll get more work done… or something like that. In that case stay smart but comfortable in a button down shirt and black joggers. This outfit in any other situation would, honestly, look ridiculous. But for working at home it’s perfect. You feel smart, you’re comfortable, and on a webcam with the boss those black joggers will look like trousers – probably, maybe, sorta.

We also love joggers at Mainline Menswear. Favourite brands include Boss Casual, Ralph Lauren and Nike.

A man lounging in Ralph Lauren joggers

Outfit Three: The Heating Doesn’t Get Turned on At A Weekday Look

Yea, I ran out of outfit titles, but this ones still important. With us all at home more than usual, there’s the fear the boiler will get overused. I’m not usually sat in my pants at 10:30 on a Wednesday morning. The boilers never had to work this hard in its life, and my bills tell me it doesn’t want to start now. The solution? Keep the boiler off and channel your inner mother by wearing the warmest jumpers you have. This outfit is for those who “accidentally broke their webcam” for those meetings with the boss. I’m talking slippers, jogging bottoms, fluffy jumpers and then a dressing gown to complete this fantastic ensemble. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to accessorise then by all means add gloves and hats, the normal rules no longer apply.

A Paul & Shark Coat

To sum up, none of this was very helpful. In fact, I’m sure I only got away with writing this “advice” because I too am working from home. What are your go-to lock down outfits? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram and remember to stay home and stay safe.

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