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Written by Bronwen | 11/01/2021


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How to clean a designer coat is a must-have skill this winter.  But how do you get mud off coats without ruining them?

Fear not, your filthy, mud-splattered, designer coat isn’t a lost cause just yet. Assuming your jacket isn’t waxed cotton (if it is, see further down), here are our top tips for cleaning your coat this Autumn and Winter.

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The Prep Work

Firstly, ensure you have fastened up the zip and all the buttons on the coat. Be sure to take out any inner faux fur linings if they are removable. Once you have done this, turn the coat inside out.

Clean Separately

When cleaning your jacket make sure that you wash it separately to all your other clothes.

Be sure to just use liquid detergent only, and one that is suitable for delicate fabrics. Powders are very difficult to rinse out and can make the lining stick together inside the coat- an all-round nightmare! Whilst covering the don’ts of coat washing- do not use any fabric softener as they can leave stains and leave you with less than undesirable marks across the coat.

When setting up your washing machine, keep it on a low temperature and the most gentle setting possible. To be completely honest, designer coats wash better in cold water, rinsing it several times.

More often than not, winter coats have a very good, thick internal lining, especially if it is made of down, so it is very important to avoid the lining crumpling up. One way we recommend to avoid this happening is by using washing balls or even just a couple of tennis balls in the machine would suffice – it might sound a little bizarre but you’ll thank us later!

Drying Time

Once washed, drying your coat is a very important stage in the process. Unzip the coat and turn it in again. If possible, dry your coat outdoors or failing that, in a very well ventilated area. Make sure you do not dry it near any heating appliances.

Seeing as though you are letting your coat dry naturally without any heating appliances, it may take several days to get absolutely dry. If you find yourself getting frustrated at how long its taking, shake the jacket now and again to try speed up the drying process a little bit!

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Wax jackets:

For those of you who have a wax jacket such as a Barbour jacket, the only way to clean these coats is to brush off any dirt, and wipe it down using cold water only. Hot water will just cause damage to the jacket and will no doubt leave you very disappointed.

Final Words

If you have followed these steps correctly you should be now ready to face the freezing cold in your brand new looking coat, dirt free and ready to go.


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