Every man needs a designer bag. No, no. Listen to me, every man needs to own and wear a designer bag with pride. Do you understand how much, as a woman, I can fit in my bag? It’s like Mary Poppins in there y’all. I’m talking purse, keys, phone, hairbrush, snacks, pen, paper, extra snacks. […]

Mainline Menswear are proud to introduce the newest brand available on our website: Barbour Beacon. Originally named after the Beacon lighthouse, which stands proudly at the mouth of the River Tyne and has long been synonymous with Barbour, welcoming sailors and rivermen to South Shields since 1894.   High-Quality Outerwear The Beacon collection is a […]

Getting tired of the heat? Britain’s relationship with summer is usually a bit more sporadic than the intense fling we’ve been having with it this year. And really, I think it’s time to say it: it’s been hot for long enough. Summer, I think we need a break. It’s not me, it’s you. Read our […]

From fighting dinosaurs and saving the galaxy, to snogging Jennifer Lawrence; Chris Pratt is a man of many talents. One of which is fashion. The American actor has mastered the technique of looking casually well dressed, or in other words: seeming impressively smart with no real effort. This can be a difficult thing to achieve, […]

Hugo Boss have done it again, carefully rearranging their brands under new names with new styles, merging Boss Black, Boss Green and Boss Orange into new lines under new names. But what does it all mean? Which one do I want to shop? Worry not, because we’ve put together an easy guide to help you […]

When it’s too hot for a coat but too cold to go without what do you do? Jackets. Summer jackets are a lifesaver in this temperamental weather and a must have in any man’s wardrobe. Everyone needs at least 8 summer jackets in my humble opinion (casual, smart, smart casual, scruffy, fancy, the-one-your-ex-stole, over the top, […]

It’s that time of year, the sun is out, and the beach is packed. But what do you need to bring for that afternoon by the sea? Mainline Menswear have the ultimate guide ready, taking you top to toe on what you need to stay stylish at the beach. Hats & Caps Not only stylish, […]

It happens every year (if you’re that lucky) you go on holiday and don’t realise you’ve forgotten around 12 important things until you’re lounging by the pool while the pool boy, Felipe, passes you your fifth Pina Colada that morning, with the minimum amount of judgement he can muster – which let’s face it, is […]

Men’s accessories can be a minefield when prepping your outfit. When is less more? What matches with what? When are accessories not appropriate and when are they? Mainline Menswear have prepared a few simple do’s and don’ts to help you with those finishing touches to your outfit. Suspenders/Braces No, not the ones that hold up […]

From Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four to Captain America, Chris Evans is the style hero we all deserve. It takes a rare man to make not only a suit look good but also spandex, which is why Chris Evans is the latest celebrity to earn the Mainline Menswear’s style icon rank – a proud moment […]

Released Today – Nike Air Max 95 OG New to Mainline Menswear and bound to impress, the Nike Air Max 95 OG. Air cushioning meets a rippled design in this beautiful, new silhouette to Mainline Menswear. Originally designed as a performance runner, these trainers soon picked up in popularity to the badge of street style […]

adidas Sobakov – Coming Soon To Mainline Menswear The world cup is over, but Adidas are helping to keep the football spirit close to our hearts with their new adidas Sobakov trainers. These football inspired silhouettes are a must have, and come in black and white, meaning they will match with almost any outfit. Slick, […]