The time is nearing, University is calling. Soon you’ll be packing all the pot noodles you can find and promising your parents you’ll be back once your clothes need washing. Freshers week is bound to be full of cheap booze, regretful choices and a few headaches. If you haven’t lived in a big city beforehand, […]

New to Mainline Menswear and available right now, the unapologetically British: Jack Wills. Established in 1999 as a single shop in the seaside town of Salcombe, the founders – Peter Williams and Robert Shaw – first slept above the shop. Jack Wills has now grown into one of the biggest British brands today.   Known […]

Get ready for your Autumn must-haves. Summer is over, and it’s time to get our autumn/winter wardrobe ready. You’ve packed the swimming shorts away with minimal tears, the BBQ is a forgotten relic, and yes, the summer tan has already faded away. What should you wear this autumn though? Worry not, because we at Mainline […]

With a clean aesthetic and dadcore sneaker design, the Yung 1’s are the newest silhouette from Adidas. Available this Thursday, 13th, on Mainline Menswear, this re-imagination of the Flacon Dorf is sure to make an impact whether for your day-to-day wardrobe.   Fabulously oversized and loud despite the cloud white colouring, the adidas Yung 1 […]

How do we stop our clothes from looking worn and frayed? How do we make clothes last longer? Our clothes go where we go, they move how we move and even after we’ve taken them off they fall victim to more stress. Because we wash, dry and store our clothes daily it often seeming like […]

It might seem like you can wear whatever you’d like to the gym, and to a certain extent you can! You don’t have to worry about looking good when you’re about to become a red, sweaty mess on the treadmill, but there are a few advantages to trying to dressing well at the gym. Firstly, […]

New to Mainline Menswear and perfect for the coming autumn: K-Way. The experts when it comes to keeping dry in wet weather, the classic rainproof original “Pac-a-Mac” is available here today in a fantastic range of colours and 80s inspired styles as well as K-Way jumpers, t-shirts and jackets.   K-Way came to life in […]

Forget thinking about which clothes are most on-trend this season and start thinking about which clothes you NEED this season. Today we are taking the emphasis off style and, instead, putting it on the things which should be hanging in your wardrobe all year-round. Get these items right and it will make your style much more […]

Coming soon to Mainline Menswear, the CMYK palette from The North Face. Inspired by the mountains, made for the city. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black are the four pillars of the CMYK printing process, and now are the foundations of a sleek new collection from The North Face. From modern classic Nupste jackets to the […]

From Khal Drogo to Aquaman, Jason Momoa is a man of many muscles talents. In true celebrity style, Jason also tends to wear what he wants when he wants; including ties wrapped around his shoulders, bright velvet shoes, old bowler hats and oversized waistcoats, to name a few. Sure, it might be easy to look […]

Sure, you’re always going to look smarter in a nice pair of Oxford shoes than a pair of trainers. But let’s face it, wearing trainers to work is the ultimate goal when comfort is concerned. You won’t find me sitting at my desk in anything less, so here are the do’s and don’ts to help […]

The newest silhouette available on Mainline Menswear, Y3 Kusari II in white, using Adidas’ Boost technology. The designer trainers you need for that statement outfit, these shoes are bright, bold and available right now! The legendary Japanese designer Mr Yohji Yamamoto provides the Y3 designs, while Adidas jumps in with their sporty influence. Beautifully merging […]