Energie Long Sleeve T Shirts
Energie Long Sleeve T Shirts
It was created in 1984 as shop sign name for a clothing store and became soon afterwards a collection brand name. Its target group is composed of young men, who are careful and curious about what is going on around them, and like and choose Energie items because they can be used to help them create their own personal style, thus communicating a precise way of being. Denim is definitely the Core Business of the Energie brand, as this fabric allows more than any other to carry out experimentation and innovative interventions, which are the main activities of research on the brand. In a world that is packed with denim, Energie has always focused on experimentation, the main company asset. It is the brand of change that aims at promoting its original commitments:research and continuous innovation. New fabrics, washes, treatments and initiatives, in addition to new cuts and innovative design, give the collection many different concepts and inspirations; hence the unique features and transgression of any garment, from the most basic to the highly fashionable ones. Since the Fall/Winter Season 2001/2002 Energie has directly realized also its own footwear line Energie Footwear, throughout all the phases of design, development and production. This line ranges from sporty to casual footwear, up to the Fashion line; the latter was directly created from Energies Gold Line and pays particular attention to materials and design with vintage elements and innovative treatments.