King Krash PRPS
King Krash PRPS
King Krash jeans are a sub-brand of luxury denim line PRPS. PRPS jeans were founded by denim legend and creative director Donwan Harrell who can count being a top ten designer at Nike among many other things as career defining qualities. King Krash jeans are definitely a denim brand for the male that loves his high end luxury jeans, but doesn't want to pay the PRPS standard price tag. Original inspiration comes from the illegal street racing days of Manhattan in the 1970s. A time when disco, fast women and even faster cars were all the rage and the only thing that distinguished you more from a crowd than the cars was the clothing. Thousands of photo records and archives were worked through to find the ideal styling and cuts for the King Krash jumpers, clothing and denims. Harrell then placed his usual attention to detail and washing techniques on the jeans before finishing them perfectly with stains, creases, rips and abrasions giving a distinct look and feel of clothing that has lived at the drag strip or on the US streets of the 70s. King Crash have also released a small clothing range to sit alongside the jeans and tell a fantastic story with King Krash t shirts providing large amounts of branding, design and detail. Mainline Menswear are authorised stockists of King Krash jeans and clothing in the UK.