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Mainline Menswear Shop
History of Mainline Menswear
The history of Mainline Menswear dates back to 2002, when a small shop was opened in the seaside town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The business started growing immediately, and the website was launched in 2004. Since then, we have moved to provide us with a large enough warehouse area to house our extensive range of stock. We offer one of the largest comprehensive ranges of men’s designer clothes in the UK. Fashions and trends for men of all ages, on any budget are available – through one of the best online shopping experiences around.
Our Core Values
At Mainline Menswear we know how important it is to get your order right, and have it delivered on time. We focus on reliable fulfilment and strive to be the best in everything we do. This is why all our products are photographed, stored and shipped directly from site. Customer service is extremely important to us, alongside our passion and drive to provide designer menswear. Our brand is consistently reinforced by our customer base, something you can see for yourself in our glowing reviews.
Brands we work with
We are immensely proud of all the brands we work with, and stock over 80 different fashion labels, from designer to highstreet brands. Some of our key brands include Hugo Boss, Adidas, Versace, Ralph Lauren and Armani. We constantly stay up to date with the current trends, and have new stock in regularly to ensure you can always look your best.
Customer Services
Our customer service team are all friendly, well-informed professionals, ready to help with anything you need. They are contactable by phone, email or through our live chat, and are here to help with any queries, from sizing issues to delivery methods.
Mainline Menswear Shop
Mainline Menswear Photography Studio
Connect with us
To find out more about Mainline Menswear, or send us a message about your purchases or queries you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. We also run a blog alongside our main site, which is updated weekly with all the leading fashion trends and insider information about specific brands.
Behind the scenes
Our behind the scenes process brings the whole company together. We have our own photography studio with the highest quality equipment, providing the intricate, detailed images you see online. Our warehouse staff hand-package every item, ensuring that it reaches you in perfect condition. We respect that every part of the business plays its part in completing the invaluable shopping experience we provide.
Key Facts / Figures
Over 32,000 positive reviews
Over 50,000 followers on social media
More than 8,000 unique products
85 high quality brands
Shipping available worldwide
Guaranteed UK next day delivery
Quotes from customers
"Delivered a day later than planned but tracking was up to date and mainline shipped on time. nOne of the items, sealed in its bag, all tags present, didn't look like it had ever been opened absolutely stank of cigarette smoke, the two other items delivered were completely fine so no idea what had happened to it. "

C Bone, Troon
"I am happy with the t-shirts that I purchased. They are a great fit. However I was really disappointed with your delivery service. I had a text to say the item would be delivered in between 12.30 a 13.30. After waiting in for the delivery after 13.30 I then received another text saying the delivery would be before 22.00. I called *** and spoke to a woman who was very apologetic. She said that the delivery had been changed, reason unknown. I was still waiting on the delivery. I did not leave my house all day. At 19.40 I then received a text to say sorry they weren't able to deliver the item as there was no one to sign for it. They then said it would be delivered the following day, which it was. I paid £*** for a delivery that did not come when it should have, lied to by the delivery firm and inconvenienced by waiting in all day. "

J Heath, Wokingham
"I've used mainline for the first time in a few clothes I have to say the selection of clothing is great and the delivery is impeccable you can track it every step of the way after the orders been placed..I got everything without any problems every time..this will be my next place to shop"

M Khan, Oldham
"The speed of shipment and delivery was incredible. It took two days for my order to arrive. The clothes were very well packaged and of exellent quality. Exactly what you'd expect. I especially loved the size guide. A series of easy to answer questions which tell you which size of clothing would be right for you. nnI will definitely be ordering from here again in the future."

P Darcy, Dundalk
"I have used mainline menswear for a number of years now and it is where I buy the majority of my clothing from. I always recommend mainline to all my friends as I have always received excellent customer service... sometimes on a phone or tablet the site can be a little slow and I would love to see a proper app for this site, I will always continue to use mainline, keep up the good work nn*** "

G Johnson, Cleethorpes