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Raw vs. Selvedge denim

Raw and selvedge denim are both types of denim which are in their most untreated, original form. They last much longer than mass produced jeans, and deal with the wear and tear of everyday life much better. As a result of this, they are more expensive, but they’re definitely better value for money. Whilst a […]

Barbour International x Triumph

Both Barbour International and Triumph have been leading pioneers in the motorcycling world for many years. Triumph motorcycles was established in 1902, and since then has manufactured thousands of bikes, all over the world. Barbour International launched as a sub-brand of Barbour, in 1936. It provides authentic motorcycling clothing, including being responsible for the original […]

What’s the difference: button up vs. button down shirts

You’ve probably heard of people talking about button up and button down shirts before. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve ever known the difference. For most men, a shirt is simply a shirt, and as long as it has buttons that’s all that matters. Well basically: all button down shirts are button up shirts, but […]