Android Homme
Android Homme
Android Homme is a unique footwear brand founded in 2008 in Los Angeles. All the shoes are hand-made in Italy for modern men with no limitations. Only the highest quality materials are used to create designer shoes with unique styles. Footwear ranges from boots to trainers, so you can find a unique pair of shoes to suit your style. 

The footwear Android Homme produces is designed for nighttime style, challenging in terms of material fabrication. Their trainers are jewellery for your feet, for the man who has the nice watch, fast car, luxury holidays - and should have the premium trainers to match. Android Homme has it's own place in the market, supplying footwear not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for the need. So long as guys are going out on the weekend, they're going to need trainers to go out in. 

Android Homme is aspirational, unique, original and the premium footwear for any man with an active social life. If you're wearing dark colours, and want a pair of subtle but stylish pair of trainers to complete your outfit, don't look any further than Android Homme. Bringing you trainers that will evolve with the new market trends, but at the same time stay firmly in the ethos of what they do - create high quality nighttime trainers. 

Mainline Menswear is a proud distributor of Android Homme, and our customer service team is well informed on all the information. If you have any questions or queries regarding your purchase, please don't hesitate to get in touch - either through phone, email or our live chat system.