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Men’s Ultimate Footwear Guide

Struggling to match your shoes? There is nothing more frustrating than putting together a perfect outfit for an event, only to realise you’re not sure which shoes will match. That’s why we’ve put together a simple footwear guide for those of you that struggle to remember which shoes go with what outfits. Result! Boat Shoes […]

Top Five Style Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid

We all make style mistakes from time to time (in the noughties I was convinced baggy jeans and grandpa cardigans were my thing) and it can be tough to know what fashion choices we need to avoid. Are you making a style mistake? Find out if you’re guilty with Mainline Menswear’s top five style mistakes […]

Men’s Bum Bags: The Do’s & Don’t

Bum bag, waist bag, fanny packs, doggy bags – whatever you’re calling them, for better or for worse these hand free devices are now IN. But they’re only in if you don’t look like a tourist who’s gotten lost on their way to the all-inclusive buffet. Trust me, I’ve been there, it’s an easy line […]