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How to Properly Care for Wool

Wool is a perfect material for the winter. Known for it insulating properties, it can be one of the warmest choices for the colder months. However, many people give it a miss because of the stigma surrounding caring for wool garments, but, it is not as difficult as you may think. Keeping in mind a […]

How to Style a Roll Neck Jumper

You may think that roll neck jumpers went out of fashion way back in the 90’s and that wearing one comes with a bucket load of abuse rather than praise. However, all of this has changed and the roll neck is a staple piece in a stylish man’s wardrobe. Roll neck jumpers are the perfect […]

Build your AW17 Capsule Wardrobe

The thought of traipsing around, trying on endless amounts of ill-fitting garments is most men’s nightmare. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, shopping can be a real chore. This is where the capsule wardrobe comes in. The concept behind the capsule wardrobe is that you choose a few key items, then just mix […]