Cp Company

Cp Company

Shop the famous Italian brand with Mainline Menswear.

Fabric innovation and de-structured cuts are the core philosophy of the brand. With high attention to detail, jackets, T shirts and accessories are the perfect urban choice.

If you want to grace your local streets with a piece of Italian design and workmanship then look no further than Mainline Menswear for the latest trends in men's fashion.

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Cp Company

What does CP Company stand for?


The "Chester Perry" Collection is an Italian apparel brand founded by Massimo Osti in 1971. With a military heritage, this influence can still be seen in their fantastic range of T-shirts, shirts and trousers. Focusing on high-tech fabrics and innovative pieces, The label’s main aims are always functionality and use with Italian fabric innovation. This ensures their outerwear is of the highest quality, with men’s shirts, coats and jackets available.

Throughout the 90s Osti worked on many different textiles, innovative fabrics, styles and samples which also led to many collaborations and eight textile innovations, which are all used to this day. With modern processing techniques, production went from strength to strength.

The brand has gone on to develop many popular coats and jackets using unique textiles and fabrics, but also developing technical aspects such as goggles, masks and gloves to further the uniqueness of the brand. The goggle jacket has become synonymous with the brand since its release and provides wearers with a retro-styled jacket that sets the tone. CP's clothing collection also has some amazing shirts and tees, with a focus on the materials and fabrics used.


What is the best way to wear it?


It’s easy to wear your CP clothing as statement pieces. With space-age and tech-heavy styles, even the goggle beanies can make any outfit pop. Pick a goggle-infused jacket and base the rest of your outfit around the stylish plastic lenses. Keep jeans, boots and shirts subtle so your goggle jacket or overshirt can take centre stage.

When it comes to colours, the brand tends to keep things pleasantly neutral, with blacks, blues, and greens common favourites. This makes it easy to stay basic if that’s more your thing. We would recommend stocking up on their plain T-shirts and jumpers to pair with chinos for an everyday look that will stay timeless. You can even lean into urban sportswear with the casual range.

Shop CP clothing for men with Mainline Menswear for fantastic deals and the newest pieces.