Designer Swimming Shorts for the Poolside

Written by Kimberley | 23/05/2013

The summer months are on their way, which can mean only one thing – holidays! With a large number of the UK population heading for much warmer and sunnier climates we see a huge change in what people are buying. Sunglasses, flip flops, vests, canvas trainers and swimming shorts are all top of the list for the fashionable guy heading overseas to find a beach, bar and pool. With the summer on the horizon Mainline Menswear have gotten some top designer swimming shorts from all of the top brands, so there is a choice of over 120 pairs available to buy.

So are you heading on holiday? If so you’re going to need some swimming shorts from a top designer clothing brand such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Armani, Lacoste and G Star with prices starting at £21 and varying right through to £100 meaning that there are definitely some ‘swimmers’ for everyone at Mainline Menswear.

Tommy Hilfiger Nash Floral Swim Shorts in Navy at Mainline Menswear

Still not sure? We’ve got pretty much every colour under the sun in the ‘block’ colours, as well as stripes, checks, floral prints, camouflage and even colourful prints. Elasticated waist, drawstrings, zip flys and more complete the extra detailing on the top designer branded shorts.

Designer swimming shorts aren’t to be missed this season at Mainline Menswear, as once the weather turns hot there will be a mad rush for these shorts as people pack their bags and either head for the coast or the airport. Complete your full summer look on the Mainline Menswear website – check out the designer sunglasses from Oakley, Rayban, Prada and more plus flip flops from a whole host of top names. Hitting the streets with flip flops, shorts, sunglasses and a new t shirt is the way to look this summer, so get shopping now (plus spend more than £150 and get free delivery on the website).

Ralph Lauren Venice Swimming Shorts in Red at Mainline Menswear

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