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Written by Kimberley | 22/11/2013


How To

Your complete guide to selecting everything you need for that all important first date!First impressions are everything…

Nervous about your first date? Or are you super confident? As we all know, first dates can be pretty stressful for both parties! How to be, will she like me? What do I say? Etc. all these thoughts go racing around your head days, even weeks before the scheduled date!

But there is one thing that bothers you most of all, and that’s what you should wear! You can spend hours choosing an outfit or phoning up friends and seeing what they recommend and all of it really just adds to the stress so why not use our guide on what to wear for that first date.

Basic Checklist

Firstly, the most important thing to do while getting ready is tick off the below checklist of the basics:

  • Wallet, can you afford to pay for the meal
  • Don’t eat anything with garlic in during the day, keep gum and mints on you
  • Deodorant
  • Do you know exactly where you are meeting and how you are getting there
  • Give yourself plenty of time to do everything

What NOT to wear

This may make you laugh but believe it or not, some men actually make these shocking fashion mistakes, thinking they are doing the right thing.
what not to wear

  • Don’t wear cheesy rude slogans, rude graphic pictures (offending) something that fits properly, long sleeves that aren’t half first mast! Clean!
  • Jacket double denim is cool if you do it properly! Step out of the 90’s it’s the 00’s! Find your image even if it’s not the same as other peoples; girls love something a bit different, be unique! But not crazy unique, also a jacket that compliments your shape and lifestyle.
  • Jeans that suit your shape, build correct legs length NO FLARES or ANKLE SWINGERS.
  • Belt, to match outfit no diamante’s please.
  • Don’t wear your dads shoes, if it’s a meal and a few drinks you need a smart casual made an effort but not desperate.
  • Overall, first appearances are a lot to go on, as well as a charming personality, if your quirky and cool and can pull off a dickie bow with skinnies and brogues wear them! If you have style, show it off. If you don’t; try to make an impression following our tips!
  • Hair/beard do something with it!

What to wear, chosen by the ladies of Mainline

Definitely looking a bit better now!
what to wear

  • Belstaff Jacket- quality, (knows you have taste and money) quite manly very fitted shows off your shape, sharp but effortless yet a bit rugged
  • Cable knit- massive for winter and burgundy one of this season’s biggest colour, knit fits well compliments shape without being too tight!
  • Jeans- That fit! Nice wash goes with outfit roll up too compliment gorgeous boots!
  • Boots- You can tell a lot from a man’s shoes! Depending on class of meal stick with style of footwear, somewhere standard smart trainer (converse) somewhere a bit posher go with boot or shoe. Bentley Dr Marten brogue massive all year round, well made very stylish sheer quality.

What to wear, chosen by the man himself!
what to wear

  • Shirt- Fred Perry knows his style, fits well gingham print again massive detail with pearl buttons.
  • Jeans- tall and slim pulls off a skinny, selected black keeping it very smart without going for a trouser.
  • Clarks Boots- dessert boots massive style from many footwear brands, quality leather dark burgundy great colour.
  • Hair/beard- facial hair big on beards or keep if fresh and clean shaven, slick hair suits Dom’s style.


Understanding your jeans!
As you can see from the above pictures, it’s vitally important that you get the jeans right! Below you will find the different cuts of jeans available to you, getting the best fit you feel suits you and you are comfortable is in extremely important, not only to your look but your confidence too!

cuts of jeans
cuts of jeans

You’re ready to go!

Hopefully you know feel ready to charm your date with your wit, charm and obviously amazing dress sense! Most importantly, be yourself!

Have you got any first date tips? Or any dating disasters? We’d love to hear about them!

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