Stay striking with stylish sportswear

Written by Kimberley | 21/10/2013

The cold winter is coming but the sports don’t stop. It’s time to kit yourself out in the best range of designer sportswear money can buy!

For the fashion conscious male, sportswear is no longer limited to just cosy casuals, sportswear is now about looking as great as you feel, and can now be deemed as part of the motivation for getting fit as looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.

So… what better way to keep fit than keeping fit in your favourite designer brands? Mainline Menswear can offer you a huge range of super-stylish sportswear fit for all sporting activities.

Mainline Menswear offer an enormous range of the Armani EA7 sportswear range.  With hoodies starting from £95 training t-shirts from £52 there is nothing this range cannot accommodate for. There is also tracksuits, jogging pants, sports bags, shorts, caps and polo shirts; what more could you ask for?

Looking for footwear?

Want to stay on top? Cruyff trainers offer a functional yet stylish design. Football stars like Vanenburg, Petterson, Jordi, Winter and Bosman played their best matches in shoes with Cruyff’s signature and the C-flash.

Want to get stylish?

Mainline Menswear also stock a wide variety of all your favourite and fashionable sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and Converse as always with excellent choices in colours and styles.

Top Picks

Our top picks in sportswear are below:

What’s your favourite sportswear brand and why? We’d love to find out more! Please leave your comments below.



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