3 Menswear Trends to Keep From 2013

Written by Robert | 10/02/2014


The world of fashion is a fast paced environment and if you don’t move with it you can soon find yourself completely out of touch. In menswear though; if it’s simple, versatile and traditional you can rest assured that it has the ingredients to stay in fashion for an endless amount of time. If you recognise which of your items are for keeps this year you can save yourself the hassle of replacing your wardrobe and use them as a future guideline to developing your own distinctive style.

Here is our guide to which popular items in 2013 are set to remain a hit during 2014.

The Denim Jacket

This is a season-to-season essential for men and a staple item in many wardrobes. The denim jacket is effortless to include in your outfit and has a timelessly stylish quality thanks to the fabric itself being a constant in fashion for over a century. Its usage has been industrial, smart and casual all at the same time and its ability to be dyed different colours have allowed brands to be creative with denim production over the years. The quality which has kept it in fashion and will continue to do so in the future is its long life and simplicity.

Here Mainline Menswear has a huge selection of denim jackets in different colours, sizes, fits and styles, some of which you can see below.

The reason you can keep this jacket as the basis of your style in 2014 is because it can be made to look great with a variety of outfits, for example:

  • Combine it with an Oxford shirt, a tie, cardigan and some brogues and you have a look which is ready for a smart occasion or even a business one.
  • OR, you can wait until the summer and wear it with some shorts and a polo when the breeze starts to get chilly.

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  • Alternatively, you can even use it as a rugged base layer when layering in the colder months by putting it under an overcoat.


The Boots

We are used to terrible weather in this country and the boot is a necessity for every man who wants to brave the elements whilst maintaining fashion credibility. Much like the Denim jacket, the boot has an obvious practicality which will keep demand high and longevity of the item exceptional- if you buy a good pair of boots they could last you for years.

Another good thing about having some boots as your go-to wardrobe item is that you can buy a pair in a plethora of styles and materials, so it really allows for an individual to assert their own style.

Here you can decide which pair complements the items in your wardrobe best:

The Dress Boot

This boot is ideal for an eye catching work outfit or as a key piece in your casual outfit. The idea is to stand out and by nature these big boots do that with their size and often bold  designs and colours. Opt for a trouser or chino with a turn up to emphasise the boot  and wear shirt and blazer when heading on a night out to get the ultra-contemporary look.
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The Brogue Boot

The brogue is rich in tradition and originally became known as an outdoor shoe for allowing water to drain from them as the wearer crossed boggy ground. They have since expanded to cover business and casual contexts; the brogue has a classic quality which will most likely make it a mainstay in fashion. It is now used best in a smart/casual concoction.

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The Chukka Boot/ Desert Boot

The desert boot was born from the Chukka boot and is the invention of Clarks Originals, its distinct difference is its crepe-sole which is lightweight and grippy, primed for soldiers on desert terrain. Ultimately it is a sensible shoe with the unique quality of being adaptable to fashion. Liam Gallagher was rarely seen wearing anything else during his Oasis days, and he has collaborated with Clarks to create a pair for his prospering brand Pretty Green’s collection. The most popular variety of these shoes come in leather or suede, and considering they have been a popular shoe since the 1940’s and 50’s, it is likely we can rely on these boots for another year yet. Team them with some straight jeans which sit gently on the raised ankle level and you are halfway to creating the popular look.

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The Patterned Shirt

The options are endless and the patterned shirt will forever be an easy way to add interest to your look no matter if it’s smart or casual. The best way to utilise these shirts is to wear plain colours for the rest of your outfit, try a pair of chinos and a dark blazer for example.

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Here at Mainline we have created a brand new look for 2014 using the patterned shirt which was so popular in 2013.

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The key is keeping it simple whether buying new versions of your trusted items or re-creating looks with your current wardrobe. These Items are too stylish to stop wearing so if you are looking for value-for-money these are the items you need to be aware of this year. Any of your own timeless items? share your secrets below.

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