Autumn Boots – Trend Guide

Written by Robert | 29/08/2014

As we have unfortunately seen the best part of summer come and go it is now time for fashion to look forward and move firmly into the autumn and winter seasons- we think the best place to start is with finding the appropriate footwear.

When the colder seasons come we usually find that our canvas shoes, boat shoes and espadrilles gradually work their way to becoming lodged at the back of the cupboard and instead we find leather and suede shoes work their way to the front to deal with the unsavoury and cold weather conditions. Sturdy shoes are a must in autumn, any fashion concious male knows that wearing inappropriate footwear is frowned upon.

Luckily it is easier than ever to make the boot look work, heavy footwear is now one of the top statement trends and is the ticket to countless new styles. Dress boots, worker boots, biker boots or trekking boots- there are are countless opportunities to find your own niche and plenty of colours to complement or enhance your wardrobe staples. It doesn’t matter if you have a laid back approach to fashion or you simply can’t be seen looking anything but immaculate, boots cover a broad spectrum which we can all incorporate into our personal styles.


In a bid to uncover the ultimate Autumn boot for 2014, we have identified the 5 essential styles to take into consideration this season.

Dress Boots

Oliver Sweeney are the ultimate brand specializing in luxury shoes and this year they have released a number of silhouettes other than their famed brogue. It is hard to pick a favourite from the selection they have produced for 2014 but the Nuxis Chelsea boot oozes sophistication and class. Its pure black exterior makes it easy to throw on with your slim-fit jeans or to dress it up for a special occasion with some trousers or chinos. It is most effective to wear them with dark colours and preferably a close fitting trouser, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear these casually, they look great with a classic pair of slim turned up jeans and will always look great with polo shirts, blazers or shirts.



Depending on your personality and taste, a pair of Timberland’s for some will be the ideal winter shoe. For those with a tendency to keep active in their spare time during winter or enjoying outdoor sports, this brand will most probably have a pair to suit your needs. Outdoor brands are enjoying a lot of success in men’s fashion at the minute so if you want to buy into a style that screams pure masculinity and toughness, you will find it hard to look past a pair of Larchmont boots which look great teamed with a layered outfit such as a parka, cable knit jumper and a shirt.



This boot which is sometimes referred to as a desert style too is recognised as a timeless favourite and many top brands have designed their interpretation of this style for their men’s collections. This year it is Ralph Lauren and Pretty Green who have produced the most eye-catching designs. Chukka boots are seen as the most casual boots and are amongst the most popular on the market. Despite not being as hard-wearing as other choices like Dr Martens and Timberland’s versions, they are the best boots for using as everyday footwear due to their neutral aesthetics.

Chukka boots


The thicker soles of Dr Martens boot and the air cushioned sole unit make them the perfect choice of footwear for a worker dealing with adverse weather conditions. Their tough leather exterior make them extremely practical and robust. The best thing about Dr Martens is that no two people wear them the same. There are no rules for how old you have to be or what you have to wear them with, you can create your own style.



The biker look has been much more sought after since David Beckham’s advertising campaigns for Belstaff and no leather look is complete without a strong black masculine pair of boots. Both Ted Baker and Oliver Sweeney have chunky black models for the new season, both of which will catch the eye of any wanabee biker. The Comptan Derby by Ted Baker is a simplistic black boot with brown leather detailing along the heel and ankle, with its traditional toe-cap panelling added and hi-top finishing at the bottom of the shin, it is the bona fide biker’s boot and will look great with some rugged jeans gathered around their rim, paired with your best leathers.

Biker Boots Look

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