Boxers or Briefs?

Written by Robert | 19/08/2014

It seems like a debate which is as old as time itself, but we still struggle to find a definitive answer to the million dollar question: what is the most stylish choice of underwear for the modern man? Today, we aim to find out once and for all.

Boxers v briefs

We all have a preference stemming from years and years of familiarity and loyalty to what we know best, but fashion has without doubt become more important to men in the modern era and purchasing the right pair, style or colour probably requires more thought than you might even realise.

Agreed, buying underwear is very much a habitual thing, but trends have gradually changed and many people who bought loose boxer shorts have slowly been swayed to buy tighter ones since the early 2000’s, before that- briefs were the most popular style. Whatever your preference, there is real evidence to suggest the briefs are experiencing a fashionable resurgence these days.

Pretty much all styles of male underwear have seen a transformation in the modern era, the detailing is far more sophisticated than  bygone eras and you can now find quirky colours and patterned numbers from the majority of major brands. It is generally accepted that if you are going to wear briefs, you should probably stick to white, grey or black- A.K.A the 3 primary underwear colours- unless you are trying to create the look you probably last had as a 5 year old when your mum dressed you. It takes guts to pull off the briefs and they aren’t for the insecure amongst us either. However, if you are confident enough then you won’t need to look any further than David Beckham as an example of how the briefs can in fact look very cool. But how many of us can look as good as Becks does in his “budgie smugglers”?

Below: there is a fine line when it comes to the art of making the briefs look good, just take Walter White and Becks as an example.


The Classic Boxer

It’s hard to look past a reliable pair of Calvin Klein’s when it comes to underwear, they won’t make anybody feel out of their comfort zone and they’ll still look as fashionable as any other brand, meaning you can reap the rewards without taking the risks. Their standard boxer fit sits just below the waist and high on the thigh, offering support as well as covering up those insecure areas which a pair of briefs won’t. There is a reason they have been considered one of the world’s best underwear makers for 30 years and counting.

Whether you like to admit it or not, a woman’s opinion could have a strong influence when it comes to making this tricky call. A survey collected last year suggested women in general overwhelmingly prefer a pair of boxers to briefs, 9/10 to be precise, so it seems unless you look like an Armani model, they’re likely to think you should be wearing the boxers.

New Briefs

Nothing spells confidence like choosing to wear a pair of briefs and it seems appropriate that the charismatic Georgio Armani is one of the most prominent designers to regularly produce this style. We’re used to seeing the chiselled features of Cristiano Ronaldo wearing these on billboards and if you’ve been working out hard and getting a tan then there probably isn’t anything better to showcase it. Thousands of holiday-makers will have been seen with these prominent waistbands creeping out of their swimming shorts this summer and you’d be forgiven for thinking it is compulsory to pack a pair of the sparkly white numbers as a young man abroad.

However, if you aren’t one of these modern preened men who you’d identify as “brief wearers” then you’ll much prefer the dark modest branding of brands such as Ted Baker, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith. You don’t have to wear briefs for people to notice your designer underwear. Paul Smith’s underwear carries his famous print for instance and whilst it is instantly recognisable, it isn’t in-your-face or garish, you might even say it is sophisticated.

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