Cargo Shorts: Smart or Casual?

Written by Robert | 16/04/2014


Shorts can be quite a debatable item when it comes to men’s fashion. Certainly, it is acceptable to wear shorts in the summertime- weather permitting- but is it acceptable to wear them out of summer? And is it acceptable to use them in a smart outfit?

They have often struggled to gain credibility in fashion; some find it hard to take them out of the context of the beach or a holiday. Whilst most will now accept that shorts are a key component of the summer wardrobe, owing to their supreme comfort in warmer weather, not to mention an increasing sartorial element.

Generally speaking bulky board and cargo shorts are considered more workman-like and the slimmer fitting chino and denim shorts are accepted as the more formal (if there is such a thing) variety. Some chose to wear blazers with slim fitted shorts last year, which questions whether this perceived logic is finally being challenged.

A classic style of men’s shorts, the cargo is once again well-represented in men’s fashion, after a bit of time in the wilderness. Here, we will decide how best to wear them this summer.

Look 1- Relaxed

Relaxed Cargo 1Relaxed Cargo 2Relaxed Cargo 3Relaxed Cargo 4

Look 2- Smartened

Smartened Cargo 3Smartened Cargo 4Smartened Cargo 2Smartened Cargo 1

Look 3- Casual

Casual Cargo 1Casual cargo 2Casual Cargo 3

Lots of high-end brands now include cargo shorts in their lines, amongst other styles, indicating a shift in attitudes towards the casually styled garment. Aside from anything else, it is an extremely versatile outfit choice, able to be worn with any number of different styles. The cargo short was made for a relaxed setting, so in this style guide, we have shown how best to use yours for the other contexts.

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