How to Wear: This Year’s Colourful Socks

Written by Robert | 09/05/2014

One of 2014’s biggest style revelations so far is the bold socks trend. The past few years have been all about wearing no socks at all and rolling up jeans to reveal so, but now this trend has arrived as a direct contrast. Socks no longer have to be a duff gift from a distant family member, this year is about making them lively and exciting- the more OTT the better.

Despite them being an item more accustomed to winter (you’d have thought) they have solidified their status as this year’s must-have in the vast majority of male wardrobes. This doesn’t mean your standard 10 pack of black or white ones are going to cut it if you want to make a real fashion statement. The way to embrace this movement is to go boldly and bravely, a vibrant sock can make even the most lifeless of outfits look interesting, the best thing about it is that it is subtle at the same time.

Sandals and socks is probably known as the most well-known fashion sin, but even this is rumoured to be a future “hipster” trend. Considering this was once considered sartorial suicide, it appears the rule book has been ripped up again, proving the world of fashion does in fact make no logical sense.

Below: There is now room to experiment with socks like never before


Sock Rules

White socks- wearing white socks with anything other than sportswear was a crime against fashion for a lot of years but this has relaxed slightly to allow shorts. Another way to do it is teaming them with Nike Solarsoft sandals, but it is still a cardinal sin to wear any jeans or trousers with a visible white sock.

Colour coordination- If you are buying into this trend and want a pair of socks that stand out, you have to make sure that they don’t match your trousers or trainers, which may be contrary to any rule you may have previously abided by. The key to this style is making the colour bold and unique in the outfit. It is also worth noting that bright socks will not stand out if you are wearing a bold coloured outfit already, ideally, the colour of your outfit will be mellow to allow your socks to draw attention if you want to match your socks with another colour in the outfit it would be best to do so with a small detail such as a trim on your t-shirt or an accessory.

Shorts- Again, usually it would be a strongly ill-advised fashion choice to wear visible socks with one’s summer shorts, but, 2014 is the year of defying convention so if you are ready to do this it is best to wear them pulled straight up the calf and emphasise you are making a conscious statement, instead of just looking like another stereotyped geography teacher.

Brand in focus: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Socks (2)Ralph LogoRalph Lauren Socks (3)

Providing the perfect bright colouring for this sudden consumer urge, Ralph Lauren uses Egyptian cotton to provide a quality and comfortable sock for those trying to implement this style (see here). Coming in packs of two they have red, yellow pink and blue amongst their block colours so there is a chance to find the perfect complementary colour to your summer outfit. How they are worn is completely down to personal preference, the benefit of defying conventions is the very fact that there are no rules. Ralph Lauren is known for an inherent sense of class, meaning their socks are perfect to apply to a blazer, shirt and trouser combination, spicing up the more formal outfits in your wardrobe. As for casual ensembles, it is hard to look past Lacoste Live’s Aegean blue sports socks, which are perfect for applying to shorts and more traditional summer outfits.

Get the look:

Blazer Luke1977White Ralph Lauren ShirtHumor Jeansblack MoccasinRalph Lauren Socks


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