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Written by Robert | 14/08/2014

We are delighted to bring you the news that Mainline Menswear is now featuring its first collection of prestigious Hugo Boss watches. The German brand is well respected in the clothing industry for their wide ranging fashionable repertoire, but it is their precision with the timepieces which has earned them the most critical acclaim, and their cult following will be pleased to find 30 individual pieces new into the range.


There is a unique aura about owning a watch and in terms of importance and significance it is probably the most cherished item a man can own. Whether we like it or not, we all know that a lot can be said about a man’s taste just by looking at what he wears on his wrist and the brand he entrusts to represent him on big occasions.

Since establishing in 1923, Hugo Boss has built its reputation up through years of developing a global image, worldwide distribution and premium quality products in a number of different avenues like clothing, fragrance and accessories. It is during this time that they have built up the credibility to be able to roll out a legitimate competitor to the luxury Swiss made watches which sit firmly at the top end of the market. Aiming to bring a bold new dimension to the prestigious watch-making craft, they have a product which is accessible to lower budgets and appealing to a broad demographic. By working closely with experts to test, select and make their product with the best components, Boss have managed to achieve the elusive continuity of being valued for quality in every aspect of their design endeavours. The reward for such attention to detail is an automatic quartz Swiss movement for reliability and a comfort worthy of much more expensive construction. As well as looking the part, it has reinforced the popular opinion that buying a Hugo Boss product is buying quality.

Hugo Boss itself was created in Germany and shares some of the stereotyped characteristics of the nation including that of being efficient and functional. Like all long term heritage companies they have had their ups and downs but by the 1970’s they began to experience success not just in their homeland, but also overseas on the international markets. It was around this period that they began to forge their long association with the sport of Formula One. To this day they still sponsor British team McLaren and have used some of the sport’s biggest names such as Niki Lauda, Mika Häkkinen, Lewis Hamilton and currently Jenson Button as the face of their campaigns. Thanks to this type of leverage it allowed the brand a chance to develop new arms to their business such as the successful fragrance line in the 80’s. Their appetite and ambition leads them to delve into unknown territory and the reason they have a number of successful sub-brands today is because they do so with such precision.

Boss mclaren

Boss Black is essentially a label aimed at modern sophistication, leaving Boss Green to focus on active garments whilst Orange is used as a casual, urban style outlet. Watches come under the Boss Black label and they are defined as contemporary pieces made with the finest quality and attention to detail. This season they have gone for minimalistic styling meets casual detailing, giving the collection which is predominantly based on formal wear a strong timeless quality.

Arriving with a staggering 30 individual pieces it is not an exaggeration to say that Hugo Boss have a watch to cater for any occasion or taste.

Chronograph HB6030 Stainless Steel

This striking chronograph by Boss has a gleaming casing with a brilliant white dial to catch the eye and turn heads. Technically it has impressive features such as a water resistance of up to 30 metres and a tachometer and second indicator. It could be the missing piece of your new suit or it could complete your casual look- the beauty is it is versatile enough for you to choose.

Aviator HB2006 Brown  

The leather strapped HB2006 is one of the most timeless and affordable pieces in the collection, relating closely to other elegant pieces such as the HB1004 at a bargain price of £139. It maintains the sophisticated quality carrying well in a formal or informal occasion. Perhaps this is a perfect option for those who prefer the vintage appeal of a leather timepiece to a modern metallic aesthetic and feel.

HB6026 Chronograph Grey  

One of the most precious pieces in the line this year, this modernistic design makes contemporary become classy. Its dark bold appearance makes it the ideal statement watch with the added factor that it will hold its own and remain stylish for years to come too.

Boss Watch case

Harmonising effortlessly with other items in the Boss Black range, the dark, elegant new timepieces are items which can go on to define your personal style for years to come. In an age where telling the time can be done at a single glance at your phone or computer, the wrist watch has been rendered pretty much obsolete. Yet despite its redundant functional purposes a watch is still treasured as a man’s most valuable accessory. Boss Black gives you the chance to own a highly reputable and personal item at a fraction of the cost compared to others in this luxury market.

Check our highlight wristwatches and looks below:

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