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Written by Robert | 22/12/2014

Versace banner

Versace is famous for extravagant clothing designs and their latest releases adds a touch of eccentricity as it arrives online at Mainline Menswear in time for the new year. Sweatshirts, polos, blazers, t-shirts and shirts all feature alongside various pieces of outerwear as the high-end label continues to grow in popularity since its arrival online in 2013. You will now find over 80 of their vivid items in the online store.

Anyone familiar with designer labels will know that Versace’s name is one which needs no introduction in the industry. Alongside the likes of Diesel, D&G, Armani and many others, they have proved to be one of the foremost Italian powerhouses who have dominated the international fashion markets in recent times.

The makings of today’s success was instigated in 1978 when Gianni Versace began his trade in Milan, “The fashion capital of the world”. He began to make name for himself with a successful boutique and once he gained some celebrity connections it was only a matter of time before he made “that dress” for Elizabeth Hurley and accumulated fans such as musicians Elton John, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

Below: the mansion which Gianni Versace designed and lived in very much reflected his taste and the brand as a whole.
He tragically died in ’97 when he was assassinated at random near his home in the US, but his brother and sister took control of the company and helped it progress in his absence. His sister Donatella has actually become a critically acclaimed designer in her own right since then and is attributed with redefining the brand to give it an opulent, boldly feminine aesthetic.

Below: the Versace range at Mainline Menswear is broadening all of the time and it now includes a blazer from the Versace Collection sub-label

versace collection

Versace products have always portrayed elegance and a unique sense of glamour which is evident through the number of quirky and original designs, which are often bright, bold or sparkling. One such item this season is the silk golden shirt (as seen below) which exudes an air of confidence and extravagance.

silk versace shirts

The extensive range of t-shirts available this year display a similar freedom of expression in design as their colourful motifs make them ideal for those who like to make a statement with what they wear. On the whole Versace helps bring high end fashion to the streets with recurring ornate artwork and geometric patterning appearing throughout their sportswear, denim, outerwear and basic silhouettes.


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