History Behind Denim

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Denim is one of the favourite and most famous fabrics out there, but knowing where it originated from is something very few people know. To find out the origin of this historical fabric keep reading. It’s designed to be versatile, tough, durable, comfortable, fashionable and most importantly when you live in the UK it’s warm. For these reasons denim is a staple garment found is everyone’s wardrobe or bedroom floor.

A famous quote from an American Fabrics magazine declared “Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young”. 46 years on from this quote being made it is still correct and relevant.

The importance of denim is shown by the historical usage of the fabric. Sailors used denim to cover and protect goods on the docks from bad weather. A massive stepping stone for denim was when James Dean popularized them by wearing Jeans on the popular movie Rebel Without A Cause. Denim jeans became a symbol of rebellion during the 1950’s, causing jeans to sometimes be band in theatres, restaurants and schools.

Popular questions about denim:

What was Denim first used for?

At the beginning denim was worn by all form of workers such as factory workers, builders and sailors this was due to the design of them being sturdy and durable trousers. Historic images shows jeans generally fit loosely this was beneficial for working in.

Where did the name Denim come from?

The name Denim came from the sturdy fabric called serge originally made in France. Denim was originally called Serge De Nimes, then was shortened to Denim.

What is Denim and how is it made?

Denim is made from sturdy cotton warp faced twill textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces the diagonal ribbing of the denim which distinguishes denim from cotton duck. It is because of this twill weave it means the fabric is very strong.

Where did Denim originated?

Research shows the denim fabric emerged in the cities of Genoa Itage and Nimes France. By the 17th century denim fabric was a crucial textile for working class people in Northern Italy.

Most popular brand for denim?

The most popular brand for denim is Levis they are famous for there superb fit and different styles, colours, cut and fit. Not only they are the most popular they are one of the eldest produces of denim foundered in 1853. Close contestants for the most popular brand are Wranglers, Diesel, Armani and True Religion.

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