How to Match Shoes with a Suit

Written by Kimberley | 27/11/2015

An outfit is completed by good shoes and accessories. The modern day person is spending more and more time on personal appearance and shopping for clothing. So it is more important now than ever to get it right, with our guide to choosing shoes we will help you complete your look.

The play it safe black shoes with a black suit is not creative enough anymore. This combination works great if you’re going to a funeral, but most of the time we would like to be more colorful. We will help you with the five most common suit colors – navy, mid grey, charcoal, brown and black with multiple different shoes to show you which colors work with which leathers.

As the suits and business climate become more relaxed, you have more of an option of testing with different colors and leathers. Here is how most of these combinations play out in practical day to day dress.

1. Navy Blue Suit

Navy is a versatile choice of suit and can go comfortably with all three of the main colour families of men’s leather footwear. The shoes worn with a leather suit mostly affects the formality and attitude of a navy suit. Black shoes are business dress, while brown are more relaxed and burgundy are more playful social feel.

2. Mid Grey Suit

Medium grey also known as mid grey suits are less formal than navy suits, however do share common ground with how versatile they are. You can pair them effectively with just about any shade or colour of leather. The best option for mid grey suits is undoubtedly black especially when you’re wearing a white shirt and necktie.

Grey is not chosen to be a proper business dress as the suit itself is to light. Brown or burgundy shoes teamed with a mid-grey suit make it more of a casual social look, and work best when the shirt has a slight pattern or colour to it.

3. Brown Suit

Unlike most other colors of suits brown suits work best with most brown shoes. You want a visible contrast between the colour of the shoe leather and the colour of suit. If they are to similar or almost identical it looks off. A strict do not pair with is black shoes, these will take far too much attention. Brown works great with most casual leather shoes. It’s a general rule to have the shoe leather darker than the suit this helps the eye from being drawn downward, either way can work as long as you have a clear contrast between shades of brown.

4. Black Suit

In terms of flexibility black is probably the least versatile. That’s why the general recommendation to buy suits is grey or navy. If you do own a black suit strictly stick to black shoes. Any other shoe colour is going to look too casual with black.

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