Men’s Grooming: The Novice’s Guide

Written by Robert | 16/01/2015




Unless you’ve been living on the moon in recent years or else in a cave, you’ll know that male grooming is more socially acceptable than ever before. There’s more money involved, more media coverage and more products too, but if you still find the prospect of moisturising a bit daunting then we have a glossary of all the mod-cons of male grooming which you need to know in 2015.



Arguably one of the most important grooming rituals you could be ignoring is that of moisturising your skin. Even if you think it’s too emasculating- consider this- skin is the biggest organ in your body, it protects every other organ in your body, regulates temperature and stores essential vitamins. What’s more, you only get one skin so it might as well be looked after. Hands, face and anywhere which is prone to drying out is essential for moisturising and it also helps decrease the appearance of wrinkles and bags under your eyes.


When it comes to washing your face, no, a bar of soap won’t be the simple answer. It will remove dirt but it will also dry your skin leaving it flaky and dull, it can also get trapped in the pores of your skin to cause blackheads and such. Cleansers will prevent all of these problems.


Again it’s probably something you associate with women and if you are afraid to use conditioning hair products for fear of turning into a woman then look at it from a logical perspective. Hair needs oils to be healthy, shine and feel smooth. The Shampoos which you use are designed to clean your hair and they do cleanse it of all dirt. However, shampoo also strips the hair of all nutrients, oils and anything else, leaving it to feel dry, wiry and flat. The reason people use conditioner is to reinstate these essential oils, so they apply it after shampooing to leave it feeling both clean and healthy.


Exfoliation is a natural process where the body removes dead skin cell, leaving smoother fresh skin beneath. This is mostly done when sleeping and is aided by keeping hydrated with lots of water and eating well. As you get older the body does this at a much slower rate, hence the sudden implosion of exfoliating products which you can now buy to aid your skin in doing this as you wash.

Growing a beard has become a popular fashion statement, and “beard grooming kits” are more popular than ever. These might include beard-oils, combs and trimmers.



This is the technical term for removing hair from the body. It might be a step too far for some men, but increasing numbers are using hair removal creams and waxes to free the body of unwanted hairs.

Against the Grain

When it comes to shaving many people don’t know whether to shave with the grain or against the grain. To determine what against the grain is you should rub your hand across your face in both directions and see which way encounters the resistance. Proceed by shaving that way across your facial hair and you will mostly achieve a closer shave than going with the grain. If done properly it should decrease irritation and if you finish by moisturising immediately afterwards you will achieve the type of soft skin on your face that you haven’t had since primary school.


Again, this might be a little bit over the line for some men/ a lot of men, but if you hear somebody referring to their eyebrow being threaded you should know it is an ancient technique for hair removal, originating from India. In the modern day man’s quest for a perfect appearance they may well opt to have their eyebrows shaped into a perfect, non-bushy style. This is done by twisting threads to precisely pull out hair. Threading allows a defined and precise shape to be made and it is soft on the skin.

Eau de Toilette

One thing that most men won’t be embarrassed to do is apply a good aftershave and smell good. This term is used to describe the highest concentration of men’s fragrance, which is 15% as opposed to an aftershave which is about 3%. If you really want something potent or value for your money- look for these words.


Believe it or not this doesn’t even refer to a man’s sexuality. This term was coined to describe men who were in touch with their feminine side and weren’t ashamed to take pride in their grooming and appearance in general. In-fact it would most often apply to heterosexual men too.

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