How to stay Stylish and Warm

Written by Kimberley | 11/12/2015




Style is defined by a distinctive appearance, a lot of people feel that their distinctive stylish appearance can be lost when wrapping up and wearing winter clothing. With the right accessories, clothing and tips this is not the case.

We have chosen our favorite picks from the winter season to help you choose yours.



A strict essential for your wardrobe this winter is a cable knit jumper, cable knit is denser than your typical knit, having a much narrower gauge. Increasing in popularity this season has seen many more brands design their own style. Teamed with slim fit jeans and a light jacket this look is simple yet effective, due to the dense material used you will also remain warm whilst looking stylish.


warmersThroughout winter there are more accessories than ever, from this scarfs hats and gloves are the most typical garments to choose from. It is the choice in the style of these accessories that is important, gloves should be leather, scarfs long and minimal not bulky and knitted like previous years. Finally, if you are to choose a hat go for a beanie or bobble hat and you will be spoilt for choice.


It’s all well and good arming your wardrobe packed full of winter threads but what about your shoe cupboard. It’s time to address the challenging of finding stylish yet waterproof and practical shoes. Luckily designers this year have made it easier than ever, with a choice of Chelsea boots, brogue boots, Chukka boots and leather desert boots. Among the four styles the trend is equal so finding the pair for you should be made easy.


Similar to cable knit jumpers, overcoats are forever becoming more popular and has been designed to be more versatile. The dressed down to the pub look with jeans or to be worn over a tailored suit there is an overcoat designer for each occasion. Finding the style for you will ensure you are kept warm this winter.

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