Ways to Wear a Gilet

Written by Kimberley | 09/12/2015




Whether it is for work or play we will show you how to embrace this seasons latest trending gilet. In recent years we have seen the tired body warmed be ushered back out from the cold and has been completely restyled as a fashionable gilet.

From performance sporting wear to Italian designers, this season offer something for everyone. Even down to materials you have a variation of choice wool or nylon, quilted or slim fit, a bold statement piece or an everyday basic layer. Whatever your style there will be a gilet for you.

Dress down Structured Tailoring:
This is one of those situations where you can combine two contrasting garments. The gilet can be worn underneath a peak blazer, providing an interesting contrast in textures and instantly adding a softening layer to what might otherwise be a stiff rigid outfit. Dressing this way allows the wear to keep warm but still smart for the office.

Additional Colour:

When removing weight and puffiness from an outfit you can concentrate on the cut of garments. This means the flattering cut of a gilet can be worn like a waistcoat. Styling a colourful gilet underneath an overcoat is a way to bring the right amount of contrasting colour and texture to what might otherwise be dull winter outfit.

Colorful Collage

Team with Lightweight Jackets
GetTheLook1New Gilets are designed with no sleeves making it very useful for layering without restricting movement. If you have ever tried wearing a jacket on top of another jacket you will know that it neither looks or feels comfortable in the arms and shoulders. Replacing one jacket with a well-insulated gilet from an outdoor brand such as Hunter will allow you to wear a light weight jacket such as a bomber jacket. This essentially allows you to mix up your outfit rather than wear the same winter coat for months upon end.

Pack in Case of Emergencies:

Even though we are heading to the depths of winter we are still evidencing mild days. On these mild days you can often get away with a gilet in place of a bulky coat. The advantage of a light gilet is it able to be packed into a small ball, saving space in a weekend or work bag. For the most versatile look you should opt for black, navy or charcoal grey. These gilets then can be incorporated in lots of looks and be pulled out the bag and thrown on at any time.

Pack Collage

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