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Written by Kimberley | 07/12/2016




There are a lot of accessories that men can wear according to his chosen outfits. It’s so wearing accessories is a subtle and sometimes effective way of enhancing an outfit. The question of course is, which accessories should you choose?

accessories-1A classic piece of jewellery most men have at some point considered buying is a tasteful time piece. Of course nowadays people have a tendency to just look at their phone to read the time, but the good, old-fashioned habit of using a watch is still very much approved in society and takes away from the constant need to check your phone every 5 minutes – a habit people could definitely afford to drop. Much like a pair of jeans, there is always a style of shirt to wear that will compliment your wrist watch with a different type of style and colour to suit all outfits. For example, a gel based sports watch would be ideal for athletes; a sleek black leather one would be great to wear with a suit or alternatively a fashionable metal watch can be worn casually each day of the week. A watch is definitely still a fashionable and subtle accessory to use.

accessories-2An absolute necessity for every man, wallets can be said to be more than a fashion accessory due to their indispensable nature. That being said, you can still add major style points to your outfit with the right wallet choice. With a choice of materials including leather, suede, textured fabric or faux leather as well as numerous styles and sizes, ranging from wafer thin card holders to bigger wallets with numerous compartments for coins and cards alike, there is sure to be a style to suit you. Wallets may not seem like a huge deal when it comes to fashion, but subtle things such as a leather wallet matching leather boots or a belt-wallet set are the tell tale signs that a man knows how to dress himself down to the finest details.

accessories-3Bags are another topic for debate in terms of what type to own and use. Recently, satchels have become a bit of a fashion item again with more and more men buying these nowadays not only for the added style points, but for their practicality amongst workers and students alike. Backpacks are always a winning category of bag seeing as they’re simple, popular and versatile. You could bet on virtually every man saying they’ve owned a backpack at some point in their lives –  they’re just so useful and efficient. Well fortunately, now they’re back in fashion so be sure to go and fetch yourself one.

Of course it’s a given that every man should be entitled to wear whichever hat, anklet or piercing, etc. that they please. But if you’re stuck for choice and looking for some solid advice on what to buy to enhance your outfit next, you can’t got wrong with any of the choices above.

Written by Robin White

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