Gift ideas for the man who has everything

Written by Eleanor | 03/10/2016

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Finding gifts for guys who seemingly already have everything they want is truly difficult. Whether you’re buying for your brother, dad, partner, son or even yourself, there’s always at least one birthday or Christmas when you have absolutely no idea what to get.

Not only is it hard finding something in the first place, but then it’s also got to be an original idea. We’ve all felt the slight disappointment when we expect a present and receive a gift voucher instead. Or there’s nothing worse than the fall back pair of socks or a scarf.

So from a group of people who love receiving presents (who doesn’t?) we’ve created a list of original gift ideas that no one will be expecting. For the man who has everything, gift him something he never even realised he wanted.


Under £50

Something most men will have considered at some point in their lives is brewing their own beer. The satisfaction of drinking a pint of homebrew – he can even give it a witty name – that he’s put the time and effort into making yourself will be very rewarding. It’ll probably save quite a few pennies down the line as well! There are plenty of homebrew kits on the market without having to splash out too much. Besides, the investment will be paid off within a couple of months.

Personalised kitchen gadgets are the perfect gift for a man who loves to spend time in the kitchen. Sure, he may have a fancy set of knives already, but does he have a fancy set of knives that have been personalised for him. Engraved glasses are another unique present; it’s something he’ll use every day and will always remind him of where it came from.

The most original gift you can get someone is something you’ve made yourself. Nowadays you can buy newspaper front pages or headlines from any certain date. Why not create a scrapbook, with official artefacts like this, combined with personal pictures from his life. It’ll enlighten him on big moments in his life, along with personal memories he may have forgotten about.


A weekend away is an easy gift you can buy someone, and it can be as creative as you like. A lads fishing holiday or a romantic getaway – there are thousands of options. Plenty of places now have all-inclusive deals, so you can get travel and accommodation in a package deal. Whether you accompany him, or send him off somewhere himself, it’ll definitely be a weekend to remember and a very unexpected present.


A gourmet hamper can be personalised so you can choose what to put in it based on his preferences. From a wine and cheese hamper, to a collection of cured meats or even a selection of chocolate and sweets. Whatever he likes, you can definitely find somewhere that will do a ‘create your own’ basket to suit.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to buy clothing for someone as a gift. There’s always the worry they won’t like it, but if you know him well enough you should be able to find something to suit his personal style. A well-tailored jacket or blazer will be a signature piece he can keep for years. Or travel down the accessories line and get him some designer sunglasses.

£100 and upwards

The first thing people all love to receive as a gift is something exciting to do. So find him an ‘experience’. Whether he wants to drive a sports car for a day, try out skydiving or have a flight in a helicopter – there are thousands of experiences out there to try. It’ll be a gift he’ll never forget, especially if it’s something he’s wanted to do for ages. Gift 4

A real, designer watch is a gift that will last a lifetime. If the strap on his old watch is getting a bit dirty and horrible, or the screen is cracked then it’s time for a new watch. These days, a striking watch face can be the catalyst for hundreds of conversations, and it’s truly an accessory that brings life to any outfit.

Finally, a really unique, exotic gadget will be something he never expected. You can get all sorts of things these days, from a personal submarine to a full body massage centre. Honestly the list is endless, so think of something he enjoys and find the weirdest gadget to go alongside it.

Buying gifts for people is never the easiest task. But the dreaded chore can turn into an enjoyable activity if you’re searching for something he really enjoys, and that you think is fun too. Remember, if you’re enthusiastic about it, he will be too and that’s the main thing.

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