How to Wear Joggers

Written by: Kimberley Sandford | November 29, 2016.

joggers A common stereotype of wearing jogging bottoms has been that they’re ‘chavy’ or perhaps not as classy as the usual jeans or normal trousers. But whilst the name is self-explanatory for what the original purpose of jogging bottoms are – a pair of bottoms for jogging in – they have also grown into a more accepted form of casual wear over the years, given they have the right fit.

joggers 1More and more these days, wearing tracksuit bottoms has become a bit of a fashion statement;  most popular high-street men’s clothing shops sell ‘cottons’ nowadays – skinny fit ones, loungewear ones, baggy ones, drop crotch ones are just a few different styles you can buy. The current societal trend at the moment is a skinny fit pair of black joggers, like this pair of Adidas (left). What’s pleasing to see as well is the variety of people and subcultures who don this trend. The social stereotype could be that this look is aimed towards teenagers or young adults, when in fact men of all ages wear slim fit joggers, and it understandable to see why. Finally a trend with practicality, joggers are actually very comfortable, lightweight and given the current time of year they’re very cosy / warm.

joggers 2Now of course like all fashion trends, there are some styles that should’ve been left on the sketchbook. Fortunately these Adidas camouflage ¾ length joggers aren’t one of them. By the same brand as the above pair, bagginess of these would certainly suit a chilled, loungewear situation. In winter, a large number of men would resort to this style of trousers for relaxing in on weekends or evenings at home.

joggers 3


Brand names in general aren’t as sought after on joggers as they would perhaps be on a t-shirt or hat, so some big brand names keep up their own trend on where to position their logo. For example, popular shoe brand Converse have broadened out into making more clothing items, including these black cotton bottoms (left). The logo always goes on the outer left thigh of the pair, regardless of the joggers colour, style or fit. This makes Converse jogging bottoms easily recognisable.

To assume joggers are just a dress attire for ‘chavs’ or people who do sport is a largely outdated opinion; tracksuit bottoms have very much become a popular clothing attire nowadays for all ages, classes and circumstances. Their popularity is shown by the ubiquitous ‘joggers’ section on numerous big brand clothing websites. All in all, joggers are a very popular choice at the moment for year-round comfortable fashion.

Written by Robin White.



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