National Underwear Day

Written by Eleanor | 05/08/2016

Happy National Underwear Day! …what? That’s right, August 5th is internationally recognised as National Underwear Day. Established in 2003, National Underwear Day was designed to shine the public light on unmentionables, and make people take pride in their undergarments.

Whilst this may seem slightly strange, and is definitely more popular with Americans rather than us Brits, it’s still a great idea. Underwear is a part of everyone’s lives, and hopefully something you wear every day.

So Mainline Menswear have created this new twist on the boxers vs. briefs debate. The history of underwear, how it became what we wear today and our favourite brands. Basically everything to do with underwear to celebrate this – understated – national holiday!

The History of Underwear

Underwear has been around since the ancient Egyptians; although obviously not as we see it today. The Egyptians sometimes wore loincloths, which was carried on in the Roman era. This was just a strip of fabric tied around the waist, but with no connection between the legs.

During the 19th century underwear got a bit more advanced, and ‘pantaloons’ were created. These were long shorts which covered the whole leg, with trousers worn over them. Throughout the 19th century, pants got shorter and shorter, until they reached just above the knee by the beginning of the 1900s.

In 1935 Y-fronts went on sale in the USA, and three years later in Britain. Boxer shorts were introduced in the 1940s and since then both boxers and briefs have been modelled on these old designs. Nowadays, underwear is available in many styles and designs, with coloured patterns and underwear made from various different fabrics available.

Boxers vs. Briefs

Boxers are generally preferred as the universal underwear choice for men these days. They look fashionable, feel comfortable and are available is a huge number of designs. The standard boxer sits just below the waist and generally end about a third of the way down your thigh. Although boxers are available in longer and shorter styles.

Comparing boxers to briefs, the latter is a much shorter, and doesn’t cover any of the leg. Briefs are definitely for the more confident men, and you will always see them worn by models with unattainably chiselled bodies. Briefs are also very popular with holiday makers; and are sometimes referred to as ‘budgie smugglers’ due to them being worn as beachwear.

Both briefs and boxers are very popular underwear choices today, with the majority of men wearing one of the two. Women are said to prefer a man in boxers, but whatever style you choose is up to you. So long as they’re clean nothing else really matters!

Our Favourite Brands

For boxers, our favourites are Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss. Both boxers are made with soft cotton for a comfortable feel, and sit nicely on your hip bones. The elasticated waistband provides a tight fit, whilst still not making you feel too constricted. Boxers are also available in a range of colours and designs from both these retailers, so you can be as subtle or eccentric as you like.

Our favourite briefs have to be Emporio Armani. No one quite makes briefs like Armani, pulling off the minimalistic look whilst still making you feel protected and covered up. Emporio Armani sells briefs as singles or in twin or triple packs – so you can be kitted out for every day of the week in this top designer brand.

Underwear 2

Hopefully this has covered everything you need to know about underwear, and maybe even some things you didn’t need to know. Whether you’re a brief or boxer man, or choose to wear something completely different, underwear is still a huge necessity.

Mainline Menswear sells underwear from many different brands, so there’s something to suit everyone. Visit our website here to browse our extensive range. Just remember to wash them regularly and you’ll be set for life!

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