Are Tracksuits Back in Fashion?

Written by Marc | 17/08/2016



Tracksuits have had a colourful past in the fashion industry, both metaphorically and literally. In the 1980s and 90s, tracksuits were very popular as casual wear. The easy option that you could just throw on, look fairly stylish and be comfortable too.

Since then, tracksuits began to wilt in the fashion world and became much more of an ‘only for sport’ option. However, are tracksuits now returning to the limelight? Mainline Menswear is here to help you find out more about tracksuits, and whether you can now pull them off in public.

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When we think back to tracksuits of the past, what tends to dominate the picture is velour. These velour tracksuits are probably what has tarnished the good name of tracksuits, but thankfully the ones returning these days are less velour and more style.

High-profile sporting brands like Nike and Adidas have been producing tracksuits for years. Initially designed for sport, or for athleisure wear, tracksuits were something men would only really be seen in public in if they were walking to or from the gym. Perhaps also getting out of the house for a lazy walk to the local shop on a Sunday afternoon too.

More brands are now beginning to mass-produce tracksuits, with EA7 Emporio Armani, Lacoste, and Hugo Boss all getting involved. The tracksuits available today generally come in black, grey or navy. However, many are available with brand logos or patterned designs on the tracksuit top.

The full tracksuit returning to the scene was only down to a matter of time. Sports jackets and vintage track tops have been on the market for a few years now, increasing in popularity each season. Naturally, the tracksuit bottoms were soon to follow to complete the look.

Some of our favourites are this Lacoste Sport tracksuit; the block colour design on the jacket is both eye-catching, and the horizontal and vertical lines create shape and structure. For something a bit more understated, this black Nike tracksuit is sleek and stylish. It’s definitely something you could wear out and about, paired with a white or logo t-shirt.

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Tracksuits now come under the brief of ‘athleisure clothing’. They’re something you can happily wear if you’re going out to see friends in a casual environment. However, if you’re heading to dinner or drinks it’s probably best to throw on a pair of jeans instead.

So to answer the question, are tracksuits back in fashion? Yes, but not completely. Tracksuits will probably never return to the prominence they had in the 80s and 90s, but they’re definitely making a comeback. You no longer need to worry about being underdressed or looking sloppy if you leave the house in a tracksuit. Big designer names are marketing them again, and this means tracksuits are back in fashion.

Mainline Menswear stocks several tracksuits, from brands including Nike, Lacoste and EA7 Emporio Armani. Visit our website here to browse our range and find yourself a tracksuit you’re not afraid to leave the house in.

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