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Written by Marc | 14/09/2017



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We’re thankful for a lot of things here at Mainline Menswear, but above all else we really have a lot of time for YouTube. What you might know is that it’s home to videos of funny cats and middle aged men shouting at their computers.

You might be aware that there is also a rather large section of YouTube dedicated to fashion news and tips, but perhaps you were unaware that there is also a large community within YouTube dedicated to specifically men’s fashion – streetwear, grooming, style tips and much more.

It’s worth mentioning as well that a number of YouTubers outside of this circle are also known for their incredible and influential tastes in fashion, so there’s no shortage of inspiration to be had.

 In case you weren’t too familiar, we’ve compiled a list of 10 male YouTuber fashion icons that you’ll be glad you checked out!

Jim Chapman / @J1mmyB0bba

Jim Chapman is not only an extremely influential YouTuber, but he has a huge following on Instagram too.

Although his channel is more geared towards lifestyle tips, his sense of style has definitely become the main point of focus, so much so that Jim was even awarded the number one spot on ‘GQ’s best dressed list’ this year.

Troye Sivan / @Troyesivan18

Troye Sivan is a successful singer-songwriter, actor and YouTube personality. An ‘all-rounder,’ basically.

While Troye’s YouTube channel is mainly dedicated towards his music, he still has a great sense of style – particularly when it comes to streetwear.

Jordan O’Brien /@The Gentleman’s Cove

Jordan O’Brien – or The Gentleman’s Cove, as he is known on YouTube has dedicated his channel to sharing his style and grooming tips with the world.

Jordan posts regularly about his latest finds and tips and also has a great, traditional sense of style, so you’re in great hands!

Aaron Marino /@AlphaMConsulting

More commonly known as ‘Alpha M,’ while Aaron’s channel is less to do with tips based around male fashion specifically, his channel is home to a plethora of male grooming and skincare tips that make subscribing an absolute must.

Sangiev / @Sangiev

Sang is a British YouTuber with a taste for high end fashion, with the brands that are featured the most frequently being the likes of A.P.C. and Saint Laurent.

If you’re into high fashion, this is a no-brainer.

Christian Bright / @BULL1TRC

While Bull’s channel initially started as a channel dedicated to trainers, it has since gone on to be the most popular channel dedicated to streetwear on YouTube, with Bull having since started his own clothing line – Sample Industries.

Uploads are regular so there’s no excuse not to stay up to date!

James Clo / @Jamesclo

James is another British YouTuber, with his sense of style mainly appealing to the Yeezy-inspired individuals out there.

His pieces have an emphasis on oversized fits, earth tones and multiple layers. Give it a shot if Yeezy is your thing.

Trendy Ro Si / @TrendyRoSi

While his channel is unfortunately not as active as it used to be, Trendy Ro Si’s channel was home to a plethora of regular and passionate tips on streetwear and lifestyle videos.

It’s still worth backtracking through the videos purely because the content is so good.

Jacob J. Keller / @AlwaysFreshApparel

Jacob (AlwaysFreshApparel) was one of the first streetwear dedicated channels to really make it big, with his channel allowing him to work in the industry as a manager of a local brand; Machus.

For a while, this meant that the content on his channel had unfortunately slowed down, but it seems that Jacob has finally made a return, with his sense of style being better than ever. Get on board.

Robin James / @TheUtterGutter

Similar to Jordan O’Brien, Robin James has also made a name for himself as a spectacularly well-dressed gentleman. His channel is filled to the brim with outfit inspo and grooming tips and mainly caters to a more classic, sophisticated style of dress.

On his channel, you’ll also find the video he made featuring Mainline Menswear and Armani Exchange – Check it out here.

Written by Will Palmer

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