The Best Backpacks for Autumn/Winter

Written by Rebecca | 20/01/2017

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backpacksOne of the best purchases I’ve made for practicality, a backpack might not seem too important but when you’re a student or working professional then the ease of carrying your notebooks, laptop, Ipad and stationary is a godsend. Not only that, but backpacks can be quite the fashion accessory if you choose the right one for your style or outfit.

Adidas Originals Roll Up Backpack


Never one to disappoint, Adidas Originals are an obvious classic and this roll up backpack is no exception. Simple and straightforward in style, this bag not only has a velcro fastened roll-up but a zip to the main compartment and a further three strips of velcro for added security. The main compartment of the bag is spacious but if that wasn’t enough, it also has a further two smaller compartments for your more finicky wares. The bag is a sleek black with subtle Japanese lettering on the top and the trademark Adidas logo on the front in white, offering a stark contrast to the black.

Hugo Boss Green Pixel Backpack


A more sophisticated looking bag, this Hugo Boss ‘Green Pixel’ backpack has an elegant monochrome colour scheme, the majority of the material black save for a contrasting grey felt panel on the front which features the Hugo Boss logo in large letters. The bag also has padded shoulder straps for further comfort. Everything about this bag reeks of style, and with the sale on at Mainline Menswear, now’s a great chance to pick up this backpack at a bargain price.

Armani Jeans Packaway Backpack


The cheapest bag on the list comes courtesy of Armani, so you can be sure the quality of the backpack is far greater than the low price it’s sold for. At just £40, this bag is a steal. It’s unique in it’s colour scheme compared to the rest of the backpacks – it’s a deep scarlet red as opposed to the monochrome shades which the others are. Made from lightweight material, the bag has plenty of space, including a front pocket and smaller compartment in the main bag space.

Hugo Boss Orange Saturn Backpack


A second Hugo Boss addition to the list, this ‘Orange Saturn’ backpack’s simplicity offers more subtle style-points, with an all over black colour scheme complete with a smart Hugo Boss tag stitched into the front centre. Secure with both a zip and velcro, the main compartment comes complete with two smaller pockets within for your phone, wallet, keys, etc. You can never go wrong with a black bag, especially one as sleek as this – it’s a great bag for any outfit or style.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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