Best Winter Shoes and Where to Wear Them

Written by Marc | 14/11/2017




So winter is here. Whilst we seem to still be pretty dry, it wont be long until rain, sleet, and snow wreak havoc on our light weight shoes. Now is the time to invest in some winter suitable shoes that are both fashionable and practical, before its too late.

Timberland are a great brand to look into when considering winter shoes. For quality boots and shoes, they have you covered.

Their classic 6-inch brown boot has become iconic in the last few years for both men and women. They are thick, waterproof, and stylish making them perfect for the winter months, but most importantly, their chunky sole has good tread and traction to avoid any trips when it starts to get wetter.

Timberland Premium 6 Inch Waterproof Boot Brown

Their heavy nature means that you may not want to make this your everyday shoe, but by no means go for it, but they would be perfect for any muddy outing; taking the dog for a walk, getting the kids to run around the park, or for any practical job.

If the chunky boot isn’t your style, Timberland also offers these boots. Timberland Adventure boots, whilst not specifically waterproof are leather so offer a great deal of protection from the elements. With more of an ankle boot design, these boots are a lot more flexible and lightweight than the 6-inch.

Timberland Adventure 2.0 Cupsole Boots Brown

If the work boot style isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Converse has released a new line of boots. With the same design as their classic high tops, these boots are leather and waterproof, with a lined sock liner for added warmth, making them great for any rainy day in town.

Converse All Star Leather Boots Black

Their lightweight nature and insole mean you can wear them all day in comfort. The casual style makes them a great addition to any outfit for a day out to a theme park, the cinema, or just running to the shop.

Emporio Armani Mule Slippers Navy

Finally, slippers. These Armani slippers are a great option with their towelling material and foam sole in order to be both comfortable and warm.

If you prefer wearing trainers, check out our full guide to the best trainers to wear in winter. You’re spoiled for choice!

Written by Lottie King

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