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Written by Marc | 28/08/2017


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For those that might be unaware, to say that David Gandy’s contribution to the world of modelling has been significant would be an understatement to say the least. After winning a modelling competition in 2006, Gandy eventually found himself modelling for Dolce & Gabbana and went on to be the face of the campaign for the ‘Light Blue’ fragrance.

In an industry that was dominated by male models with skinny builds, Gandy came as a stark contrast with his tall, muscular build, which would have a lasting influence on the industry.

With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why Gandy might be considered a style icon. His fashion sense oozes sophistication, but in a way that makes it seem effortless. To help you get in touch with your suave side, we’ve compiled a few pieces that seem to be staples in Gandy’s wardrobe. No promises of a Dolce & Gabbana campaign, though…

The suit jacket is a piece that is undoubtedly synonymous with sophistication. Gandy is aware of this, yet employs it in a way that is reflective of his bold style, as he is often seen wearing them in a variety of textures and colours to compliment his outfit – whether it be casual or smart.

A good example would be this Michael Kors jacket which, while colourful still has the potential to be the sophisticated piece in any outfit.

[Photo: Instagram]

Gandy’s approach for his more casual outfits seems to be incorporating items that would normally be typically associated with more formal contexts and incorporating them with more casual pieces to create a relaxed, yet sophisticated ensemble – of course his affinity for high-end brands doesn’t hurt either. One item that creates this impact will be the choice of trousers. Take the outfit shown above, for example.

Although Gandy is wearing a simple and casual polo shirt, by choosing to wear smart trousers with the outfit, it immediately looks more suave than a normal pair of blue jeans. You don’t have to go for any large patterns to make this work like Gandy has, though. Instead, why not pick subtly textured suit trousers to get you started. These Ted Baker chinos will do the trick!

[Photo: Instagram]

Accessories are extremely important too for making the most of an outfit. Gandy’s use of accessories in his outfit is always subtle pieces that are just further accentuation of his unique style. A high-end watch in a unique colourway like navy or olive can add a nice flair to any outfit. This Hugo Boss watch would fit right in to any of Gandy’s outfits.

[Photo: Instagram]

Lastly, while striving to look elegant, it’s clear that Gandy is also sure that his outfits are equally practical as they are stylish. Take the above image as a cue. Gandy has incorporated a warm wool duffle coat with a smart button-up shirt and suit trousers – the outfit screams stylish, especially in his choice of colour for the outfit, the beige is a nice contemporary take on what is otherwise a classic businessman’s coat.

This Diesel coat is the perfect fit. With autumn just on the horizon, now would be a good time to take a leaf out of Gandy’s book and keep warm while you look good.

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Written by Will Palmer

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