How to Get Away with Wearing Pink Trainers

Written by Marc | 30/10/2017


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The hottest trend this year has definitely been the reappearance of pink. It has dominated high street and high end clothing brands and pink trainers are the next big thing. Replacing the now common pink shirt, pink trainers are the best way to make a statement with your outfit.

Whilst pink clothing may have feminine connotations, the colour is becoming more common in men’s fashion and is a great way to have fun with fashion along with breaking away from the usual navy and black footwear.

Pink trainers are a statement piece and to accentuate this, is it best to pair any pink trainers with neutral colours.

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For a more subtle look, light colours a are a great match for this pastel colour. A white t-shirt and light wash blue jeans will match the pastel pink tone but still let them shine.

Black jeans, however, will make the colour of your shoes really stand out and be the focus of the outfit. Certainly a choice if you’re feeling a little more brave.

Coordinating your pink trainers with your t-shirt is a great way to get involved with the pink trend. Paired with neutral jeans, trousers or shorts, this is a perfect look for any occasion or time of the year. Exchanging a t-shirt for a button up, pink trainers can make a for a versatile must have for any wardrobe. We offer a wide range of pink shirts you can browse to find the best colour match for your trainers.

Confidence is the key when making any bold fashion choice. With pink on the rise, this colour is being seen more, so may be a good choice if you want to step out of your comfort zone.

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Of course there are many shades of pink. If you want to ease yourself into the trend, this light Adidas pair maybe worth checking out. However, if you feel like upgrading your trainer game, we suggest these hot pink trainers also by Adidas.

Experimenting with your footwear is a perfect way to figure out your style and mix up your look. Remember, pink trainers are not just for summer but can also be a must have to brighten up any winter outfit.

Written by Lottie King

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