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Written by Rebecca | 14/02/2017


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Some people, including Kit himself probably won’t see the man as a style icon, although his fashion sense stands out with a relaxed vibe. Whether he’s on the red carpet or just living his day-to-day life, he always finds a way to look good.

From gaming to award winning shows, Kit Harington is becoming more famous by the moment. When it comes to fashion, Kit has said that he wears quite fitted clothes and doesn’t like wearing baggy stuff (although, this doesn’t always seem true) and proclaims that he “just doesn’t know anything about fashion”.

Outfit 1

When it comes to looking smart, Kit has a simple but stunning style that can make any man look sophisticated. Black will never go out of style as one of the classiest colours, which is why one of Kit’s most smart outfits is the same colour and easily recreated. The Hugo Boss Black Reyno2 Wave1 suit is a simple black suit – a great place to begin to recreate this style.

This suit will work for multiple styles of Kit’s simply by changing from a tie to a bow tie or even just a waistcoat, such as the above style from before he grew his hair for Game of Thrones. Paired with this Antony Morato Black Collection Waistcoat and the Diesel S Nap Slim Shirt, you can’t go wrong dressing akin to Kit in this image. The shoes for this outfit should follow the rest of the theme, keeping them black so they don’t stand out too much but still maintain the classy look. These Sweeney London Tuckley Shoes are a great option, with simplistic detailing to stop attention being drawn away from the rest of the outfit. With all of these pieces you will be ready for any event and look sophisticated no matter what.

Kit Harington Wearing A Suit

[Instagram Photo – kitharington_official]

Outfit 2

This next outfit is less formal but still smart, a great option that will work for many events. Most people know a simple shirt and trousers look works well for any number of smart casual events. A great combo is this Diesel S Nap Slim Shirt already mentioned and these Armani Jeans J45 Slim Fit Trousers. The outfit could be left completed as is or can be added to, but for an even more similar look to Kit’s, just add a simple tie such as this Hugo Boss Black Woven Micro Stripe Tie that’ll give the impression that more effort was made and will consequently add a more formal feel.

During winter or chilly nights just add a cardigan such as this Superdry Nordic Textured Cardigan Jumper with the bottom half of buttons done up to achieve Kit’s look. To finish this look, add a minimalistic timepiece like this Hugo Boss Black Jackson Watch. This is similar to Kit’s watch in the image, with a dark strap and a white clock face; a definite eye catcher with sleeves rolled up.

Kit Harington Wearing A Cardigan

[Instagram Photo – kitharington]

Outfit 3

Kit is very simplistic and relaxed when it comes to his everyday look. Commonly seen in just a t-shirt and jeans, his casual style is very easy to recreate. The style consists of mostly darker clothes in various shades of blue, grey and black. The PS By Paul Smith Short Sleeved Pocket T Shirt is very similar to the one shown of Kit above, with subtle details such as the pocket included. The fit of the shirt is also similar so it won’t be too tight.

His chosen style of jeans is skinny and these Levis Line 8 511 Slim Fit Jeans have the same colour and faded design giving off that hard-working, distressed feel and a tough guy aura. Brown leather shoes like Ted Baker Pelton Shoes help finish this look, and don’t fret if they begin to look worn and faded – it will just add to the casual, relaxed ambience of this whole outfit.

Kit Wearing Grey T Shirt

[Instagram Photo – kitharington.official]

Written by Leanne Revell

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