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Written by Rebecca | 12/10/2017


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Luke 1977

When was Luke 1977 developed and what are its values?

Way back in 2001 saw the emergence of the Luke 1977 brand announcing itself in its routes of the West Midlands. The brand has quickly developed into a leading menswear brand with a support reaching far beyond its Midlands routes.

The brand however likes to still influence its pieces with tough elements from its native, Birmingham. The Luke brand caters for every need and has all the components needed for everyone from the modern lad to a gentleman with plenty more in-between.

The brand has evolved on its own which means it has been able to retain all its core values which set it apart from anyone else in the industry. Luke’s ethos is to put a unique fashionable twist on men’s clothing without over complicating the design.

Who is the designer?

Luke Roper is a British designer who back in 2001 created the brand Luke 1977. Roper started out creating one off pieces for his friends to wear in his local area. Once Luke’s clothing took over the local scene in the West Midlands it didn’t take him long to realise this could be more than just a hobby.

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Luke went onto university in London at Central St. Martins where he gained a degree in menswear design and from there he never looked back.

Luke and great friend Simon Poole had a plan to make the best menswear brand in the UK and thanks to a collaboration early on in his venture with Deborah Poole, the brand took off. 10 years on and the innovative, masculine designs continue to keep the brand at the very highest stock in the British fashion scene.

What is Luke Sport?

The Luke brand has a lot of different ranges but this sport collection has certainly proved popular. This line is full of high end, top quality performance wear which incorporates a lot of tough elements from its natural home of Birmingham into the design of its tees, polos and overhead jackets.

The latest release to the Luke Sport range is the latest line for AW17. The designs bring back a sense of vintage with 90’s style detailing combined with a more modern feel and put together in only the way Luke Sport could.

The AW17 range certainly packs a punch. Its iconic black, gold or red lion head embroidery can be found on all the pieces ranging from hoodies to caps and bags. The collection is so powerful it stands alone from the main brand and brings its own sense of unique identity. The range certainly adds a new energy to the sporting range.

The bold colours that have been used including fiery reds, snowy whites and admiral blues really help the collection stand out – as if it didn’t already. The iconic Luke Sport slogans are raised with a micro dot print and the old school stripes on the other pieces help add that popular retro feel whilst also remaining current.

One of the most popular pieces in the Sport collection is the Luke 1977 Adam Colour Block Sweatshirt which you can now get from Mainline Menswear.

What is the Luke Black Collection?

The Luke Black collection is the newest member of the Luke family. Unlike its name might suggest the line doesn’t just include black clothing but more of a soft colour combination rather than bright vibrant shades. The line has a very simple fresh clean vibe with very little branding on each piece, if any at all. This gives the collection a premium feel.

The brand consists of tees, shirts and sweats and focuses its style on subtle details to help give it that high fashion look. Oversized pockets, cut and sew seams, reversed fabrics and raw edges all feature in the black collection.

The benefits of the Luke Black collection having a simple design with small precise details on it, is that it can be worn in almost any situation. Whether you are going out for a few jars with your mates at the weekend or going for a slap-up meal with business friends, this range oozes class in abundance.

The Luke 1977 Wheel T-Shirt in brown is one of our favourite pieces and with it costing just £45 now at Mainline Menswear this is a wardrobe must have.

The Innovation of Luke 1977

Luke 1977 six months ago completely blew the minds of everyone in the fashion game and instantly caught the attention of many when it became the first clothing brand to release an app which allowed you to try before you buy on the virtual reality headset.

The app allows you to try on Luke 1977 clothing without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Once the app has downloaded you will find yourself in one of the ten Luke stores around the world and you will be able to use the app to swipe between items you want to try on.

With no effort at all you can now try on key wardrobe pieces from the brand from the comfort of your own home. Nothing like this had ever been done in fashion before and with it proving so popular, we don’t think it will be long before we see other big brands also jumping on board with this ground-breaking idea.

Big names to wear the brand

Luke 1977 certainly isn’t shy of attracting big name personalities amongst the celebrity world to its high-class fashion look and it’s not hard to see why. The brand has managed to perfectly combine elegant slick designs with that comfortable laid-back look to cater to everyone’s needs with its diverse ranges.

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If you also want to be wearing this top brand just like ex Manchester United and England defender Rio Ferdinand, the self-proclaimed ‘King of the North’ and grime artist Bugzy Malone or Love Island’s latest star Alex Beattie you need to check out Mainline Menswear now to add this unique brand to your wardrobe.  

Written by Joe Griffiths

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