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Written by Rebecca | 19/05/2017


Brand Focus

G H Bass

adidasFootwear brand GH Bass has become the iconic choice for American footwear. A brand true to their roots, GH Bass value their heritage as much as their success. The significance of the brand is particularly remarkable due to the fact they contributed to the creation of a whole new type of footwear – the classic Penny Loafer.

Since GH Bass was founded, they have continued to produce popular, high-quality footwear. Given their history, it’s no surprise that the brand have become known for making shoes for everyone, from the heroes to the homeowners and everything in-between.

The popularity of GH Bass products has not waned nor worn over the years and what the brand itself says has shown to ring true – “A true original is always in demand”

Coinciding with the 80th anniversary of its Weejun Loafer, GH Bass opened a new store last year in Soho, London – the company’s first shop in Europe.

Mainline Menswear were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the London store, for an exclusive interview with the company’s UK retail manager.

Sit down with Suleman Butt, who talks us through the history and craftsmanship behind GH Bass. Learn how the shoes are made, more about the company’s rich history and how they’re innovating to keep up with the ever changing modern trends.

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