Men’s Guide to Wearing a Scarf

Scarves are a little more than a fashion accessories, it is the best for any man anywhere. Protecting your neck in the bitter cold winter is important. Some are very tricky to get just right, here are simple step by step guides to wearing your scarfs, which are suited for the coldest of weather. Each style can be done with medium/long length scarves, worn on top of stylish suit jackets for the more business casual looks.

We will take you through six different ways to style and wear your scarves in the winter. Styles include the Reverse Drape, Parisian Knot, Fake Knot, Drape, Once around, Over hand. These are easy styles that look great, and guarenteed ways to keep your neck warm.

The Reverse Drape

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This is a great style option for colder weather, with a scarf length that is medium to long in size. You can create this style by putting the scarf around your neck so it is equal length either side. Then take both ends of the scarf and place it across your neck, over the opposite shoulder.

The Parisian Knot

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For a classier looking scarf knot, which is another good choice for neck protection in the cold weather. Just fold your scarf in half width wise, then fold it in half again lengthwise. Bring it over your neck, and then bring the loose ends through the hole formed by the folded end, then tighten.

The Fake Knot

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This is a slightly more complicated knot to tie is also great for much colder weather. Drape the scarf around your neck, making one end longer than the other. Take the long end and bring it behind and around itself to form a loop. Take the end down and through the loop. Grab the other end of the scarf and bring it down and through the loop as well. Then work the knot up to your neck by gently pulling on each end.

The Drape

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The Drape is more style than function, if you are looking for something to keep your neck warm then please see other style options. This is best for when the weather is cool, and it adds colour to your outfit and draws attention to the face. It is the easiest of them all, you just literally drape your scarf over your neck, so either side of the length is equal on each side.

The Once Around

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Another simpler style but is best in colder weather as it provides more warmth around the neck than. Start by draping the scarf around your neck, making one end longer than the other. Take the long end and bring it around your neck and you’re done.

The Over Hand

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This scarf knot is easy and provides good neck protection in the cold weather. Drape the scarf around your neck, making one end longer than the other. Take the long end, then bring it under and through the opening near your neck. Tighten the knot until satisfied with the look.

Written by Savannah Smith

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