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Written by Rebecca | 22/12/2017


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Christmas jumpers are an absolute must this time of year, mostly because we all seem to have about 10 in the back of our wardrobes decaying for 11 months of the year, here’s our guide to ensure you’re getting the most out of your festive jumpers.

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Whether you genuinely love the style of Christmas jumpers, are being forced to wear them by pushy family members or even just attempting to not be a Scrooge at the office Christmas party for once, tis the season to take the risk.

The first style we’ll look at will be the ‘comedy’ jumpers. For a cheap laugh and not much more, but they’ll earn you a smile throughout the day and giggles of support from strangers. These are the version that I would go for, but I live for the cheap laugh.

Available at pretty much every shop in the world right now, it’s important to get the right laugh for everyone. A ‘Jingle my Bells’ jumper may get a thumbs up from friends in the pub, but you don’t want to be sitting opposite grandma at the Christmas dinner table with disapproving looks every few seconds.

Novelty Christmas jumpers aren’t the only thing to look for, as you could just try and find a Christmassy looking piece that you can get away with wearing all year round without looking like a maniac.

This Adidas Blue Sweatshirt is filled to the brim with Christmas snippets, with the blue and white colour scheme making it look like snow falling on a winters evening. The rest of the year though, it’s just a regular sweatshirt…

In the Christmas spirit. you could end up with just lounge pants all day as you attempt to relax on the most chaotic day of the year.

These Tommy Hilfiger Jogging Bottoms are sure to keep you comfy, whilst reminding everyone that you do have style despite whatever you’ve settled for on your upper half.

Lastly, to make sure you stay warm in these cold times, consider these Superdry Mule Brown Slippers.

At Just £20, these are perfect in look, price, and comfort for Christmas, and at a glance could make it look like you have reindeer hooves for feet, so we really can not recommend these enough!

Written by Jack Stevens

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