How to Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves

Written by Rebecca | 16/05/2017


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Button up shirts are a staple of all styles, from relaxed summer wear to smarter business attire. Their versatility in regards to colour, sleeve length, buttoning, tucking and sleeve rolling add awesome range to an already super stylish shirt.

There’s a huge range of button ups available, the most popular being oxford and linen shirts. Linen shirts are a lighter option more popularly used for the warmer months; oxford shirts on the other hand can be both a casual option as well as smarter wear, with a wide range of materials and styles in between.

The looseness and open nature of unbuttoned sleeves allow for a variety of options when styling your button up. Sleeves down, rolled up below the elbow and rolled up above the elbow all lend themselves to different styles and can add subtle flairs to your current outfit.

Sleeves down

First option, sleeves down is the standard for most smarterware shirts and is the only option you should consider if you’re wearing a blazer. More a winterwear variation, the longer sleeves can add a layered style with the sleeves showing below a stylish overcoat.

Rolled up below the elbow

A bit more casual, a bit more stylish; rolled up sleeves take the rigid edge off an otherwise formal shirt style. A great option when worn either very formally with a waistcoat or alone with chinos, rolled shirt sleeves add a ‘cool guy’ air to any button up outfit.

Rolled above the elbow

As a general rule of thumb, the higher you roll your sleeves, the more casual your look. Rolling above the elbow is no exception and can further enhance the versatility of your chosen shirt.

To roll the sleeve, fold the cuff of the sleeve back on itself, tuck in the loose edges and repeat. How tight you roll the sleeve is up to you; some people fold the cuff over once or twice loosely then just pull the sleeve up. Otherwise prefer to roll the sleeve back on itself several times for a tighter fit.

Rolling up your sleeves shows that you know how to look the part, but don’t take your appearance so serious as to worry about creasing your shirt sleeves, or maintaining the most formal dress possible at the cost of your comfort.

These may seem like inconsequential changes, but we can assure you it’s the subtle differences such as rolled sleeves and an open top button that, in combination, add up and ultimately transform your getup.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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