Which Shoes to Wear With Jeans

Written by Kimberley | 21/07/2017

JEANS 1 Whether man, woman or child, jeans have been and will continue to be a centrepiece of any wardrobe. Practical, adaptable and cheap, jeans are standard fashion for people all over the world. Invented in 1873, the popularity of this piece of clothing is stronger than ever, particularly in the more brisk seasons where warmth is a priority.

The versatility of jeans lies in their ability to be worn both casually and smart, regardless of colour. Whilst this is a positive, it presents the problem of knowing what footwear to wear with them depending on the style you’re going for. It’s important to remember that subtle differences like footwear can make or break an outfit, so it’s crucial you know what to wear with your jeans to achieve the look you want.

Canvas shoes / converse

More for the younger gentleman, jeans and canvas shoes are a great casual combination. Canvas shoes are great for summer as they’re thin, light and breathable. Converse can be classed as canvas shoes, so if you’re the type of person to appreciate branded clothing then these are a great choice.



Another casual selection, the great thing about trainers is that they provide comfort that is second to none. Usually meant for informal situations, trainers come in a huge range of styles, models and design so if you’re set on going for comfort over fashion, then you’re sure to find a trainer that can fly under the radar with jeans at more formal occasions.



Boots come in a variety of styles and almost all of them look great when paired with jeans. From normal lace up boots, biker boots, chelsea boots, desert boots and other more unique models to choose from, there’s a boot for any occasion. With a huge range of colours, shapes and styles to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find a great pair to wear with your jeans. Boots are most popularly purchased in black or brown and either colour go great with any colour jeans.



Other shoes; namely leather, synthetic leather or suede shoes are great for jeans and can be both formal and casual. Obviously this category covers a huge range of shoe styles, but the more popular options are designs such as brogues, oxford shoes and derby shoes. Shoes in general are more on the formal side, but lighter colours (tan, blue suede, etc) can be worn casually also.


Slip ons

Summer and slip ons go together like sea and sand, and coincidentally, they’re an equally great option for both beach occasions and formal evenings alike. There is a difference between formal and informal slip ons, namely being the material they’re constructed from (leather for formal, suede for casual), so bare this in mind when selecting your moccasins or loafers. Regardless of this, both types look great with jeans – just be sure to adjust depending on the occasion.


Written by Aaron Thompson

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