How to Stay Smart in Cold Weather

Written by Rebecca | 21/11/2017


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Winter is just around the corner and along with it comes the increasingly cold weather, forcing us to layer up, limiting our choices regarding what to wear. However, by following this guide you will be able to dress smartly even in the cold weather.

November is upon us, and the Christmas markets have settled in city centres, spreading their Christmas cheer in the form of exclusive Bratwursts, warm drinks and pleasant and familiar music. However, everywhere else the cold is setting in, forcing us to dress up in layers to handle the change.

This change might be frustrating for those of us who enjoy having a variety of choices when it comes to clothes, or who appreciates displaying an outward appearance of class and style. By utilising this step by step guide, you can welcome the climatic changes with open arms while still dressing smart.

Ralph Lauren’s Oxford knit white shirt will be the first introduction to your smart winter outfit, and keeps you warm and comfortable while still staying true to your style.

The next item of clothing recommended will be Versace’s slim fit jeans in blue denim.  These jeans helps keeping the cold out while others keep their eyes on you.

Ted Baker’s brown Pelton shoes might not be the warmest of shoe wear available, but they undoubtedly cement your look, and the upper blue stitch subtly accentuates your jeans. Another obvious inclusion to the piece would be Levi’s 120SF black socks, that are made of a sturdier blend of cotton and other materials which produces more heat.

Sealing your simultaneous protection against the harsh weather and of your sense of fashion, the last piece of clothing, the Michael Kors Padded Down Jacket finishes your pristine appearance.

This jacket is exceedingly warm and comfortable without being sweltering if the climate is on the lower side of the scale.

Written by Martin Tvenning

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