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Written by Marc | 12/09/2017

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Perhaps one of the most important examples of the minimalist movement that swept 90s streetwear – adidas EQTs are back in full force and is absolutely a must-have in any wardrobe this year.

Being praised by designer Peter Moore as “Everything that’s essential. Nothing that’s not,” the newly revitalised EQT line takes what made the originals great, but also breathes new life into them by introducing new colourways and adding the iconic adidas trefoil logo, which was sorely missed from the original line.

To celebrate the reintroduction of this iconic line, (and also to prove how versatile they are!) we’ve got a few ideas to inspire you as to what you should be wearing with your new adidas EQTs.

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For a brand that proudly boasts its affinity for no frills, it makes sense that the EQTs will of course shine in an outfit that is equally minimalistic. A pair like these adidas Originals EQT Support Trainers in black are incredibly versatile and will make any outfit really shine. As shown above, pair them with a plain t-shirt and skinny jeans for a completely minimalist outfit that will make you stand out seamlessly.

The emphasis is on the ‘less is more’ mantra with this one, so if you’re going to add accessories be sure to keep them subtle. Instead, you could add flair by choosing a cropped pair of jeans, or a pair that have been distressed.

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However, that isn’t to say that EQTs can’t work as part of a more complex outfit – on the contrary, they can often act as the finishing touch in any busier outfit to tie everything together, this is what makes them shine as key streetwear components.

Pair them with a pair of rolled up black straight leg jeans or chinos – classics like Levis come to mind, a patterned or textured sweatshirt and a baseball cap and you have a sweet streetwear outfit that will leave all your mates super jealous. This one’s easier to add accessories to as well, and although it’s still probably best to keep it subtle, you can go slightly flashier by adding something like a chain to add flare to your outfit.

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Like we said before, EQTs work so well because they’re so versatile and will work in any kind of outfit. With the right clothes, you can craft the perfect smart-casual outfit with your EQTs still as the main point of focus (as they should be!). Start with something like these adidas Originals EQT Primeknit Trainers in white. Add a pair of slim fit chinos and a plain smart long sleeve button-up shirt and you have a smart-casual outfit that ticks all the boxes. Result.

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Written by Will Palmer

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